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BetterInstaller is the latest product offering from Somoto, a company quickly gaining a solid reputation for itself as a conduit between software developers and the surfing public. Somoto have developed a suite of applications that enable developers to quickly attain a relevant Internet following and consequently optimize the monetization of their software. So, let’s take BetterInstaller for a test run and see whether it lives up to the reputation of its Somoto brethren.

Somoto market BetterInstaller by stating that software developers should concentrate on doing what they do best – developing software, and allow them to facilitate the monetization of their software, thereby saving them time and effort of having to delve into areas where they have no expertise, such as advertising.

The BetterInstaller platform is simple to integrate with your software and can be easily customized. Ease of integration equates with money earned from every download. Similarly, because BetterInstaller uses HTML5, it is easy to customize the design to suit the look and feel of any software, notwithstanding that the standard designis more than adequate.

NSIS and INNOSetup installers are provided with an easy to follow SDK that also allows the integration of offer screen capabilities. Offer screens attract downloads, fact! Also, software is placed on the Amazon S£ cloud due to the use of multi-CDN thread. This resulted in faster downloads with higher completion rates. Once again, this equates to more money for the software developer.

Somoto’s claim that BetterInstaller offers access to Tier 1 advertisers and run more than 100 different premium Tier 1 advertising campaigns at any given time is a huge benefit for developers. I am aware of a noticeable difference since integrating the BetterInstaller platform with an existing piece of software. I am suddenly attracting the right kind of advertisers and I don’t have to work to achieve this. I am left to write my code and do what I do best. Similarly, Tier 1 advertisers ensure that your software remains Adware, Spyware, Malware, and spam free.

BetterInstaller’s advanced algorithms maximize downloads and revenues by automatically checking and optimizing the best converting and highest paying offer and displaying it as a recommendation for users and the LightBox feature increases user engagement whilst giving you control over your content.

Compatibility with all major browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome, is a required and provided feature and BetterInstaller works with both a Shareware and Open Source environment.

I have seen firsthand how BetterInstaller allows developers to maximize their software offering. It is a smart platform and has much to offer developers who want to develop and leave the promotion of their software to the experts.

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