Switching to Cloud-Based Hosting – How Can It Benefit Your Online Venture?

As you will probably know, the choice of web hosting services and alternatives seems to be unlimited on the modern Web market. However, there is one kind of hosting solutions that really stands out from this broad diversity – cloud hosting, also known as cloud-based hosting and cloud computing hosting. Actually, today you may face these terms almost everywhere on the Internet.

Appeared relatively not so long ago, currently cloud hosting is ranked as one of the most required hosting services in the field. Many online businesses, web developers and just personal website owners from all over the Globe tend to choose or switch to cloud-based hosting solutions for their related needs.

Do you wonder what is so specific about cloud-based hosting and how it can benefit your online venture? In my post below I’m going to point out some crucial advantages that you may gain while being hosted on a cloud platform.

Revolutionary New Hosting Model

Let’s start from the essence of cloud hosting. Basically, any cloud computing model is a complex, smartly organized cluster of multiple physical servers that are spread over several different locations, but bound together to create a massive, powerful and fully redundant hosting environment with enormous resources. Such network presents a single solid resource that stores and supports some different web projects simultaneously by allotting all essential features and the entire load according to the current needs and requirements of each particular user.

Abundant Hosting Resources With Minimal Investments

Here comes the first cloud hosting advantage: while any traditional hosting service – from shared accounts to dedicated servers – implies renting some part or all resources of one physical machine only, cloud hosting actually provides you with access to consolidated resources making your entire virtual business environment pretty much more effective, productive and consistent.

In such a way, the benefit of getting abundant resources typically associated with dedicated hosting is no longer a priority for large online businesses and companies only. Due to smart cloud computing technologies, today even start-ups and small businesses running on a rather limited budget may enjoy virtually the same opportunities, but only at a fraction of a dedicated server price.

Full Redundancy

One of the most outstanding features of cloud computing hosting is ultimate redundancy. While using cloud hosting services, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that every single component of your virtual infrastructure is fully redundant. Your mission-critical website will rely on the power and resources of a cluster with multiple servers rather than being limited to the functionality of a single physical machine.

On-Demand Resource Access and High Scalability

The basic concept of cloud hosting lies in providing on-demand access to all essential hosting resources, such as disk storage space, processing power, bandwidth volume, CPU, RAM and others. While being pulled together in one single network, cloud-based servers can provide extra resources whenever required for your website hassle-free performance just on-the-fly. Moreover, a hosting company may add a new web server to the cluster at any particular moment to scale up and meet growing needs of its users.

Featuring such a high scalability level on-demand, cloud hosting is especially recommended for large, content-rich business websites and corporate projects that experience extensive traffic flow on a daily basis and support various robust web applications and options.

To sum up, cloud hosting provides a powerful, resource abundant, highly scalable web platform to launch and run successfully any websites – from content-rich personal sites and massive gaming portals to virtual shopping malls and large corporate projects. In such a way, cloud-based hosting solutions come as one of the hottest trends for online businesses, companies and individuals looking for ultimate performance, top-notch quality and high-level reliability, yet without significant hosting investments.

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Paul Flynn is a PR and marketing manager at Jodohost.com, an established hosting provider offering an extensive choice of economy windows VPS hosting and Parallels-powered linux vps hosting in the cloud environment.

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