Ten Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email marketing isn’t new. It not only predates social media marketing, it predates social media altogether. Don’t let its age fool you however, it might be old, but it’s in no way obsolete.

Email marketing is real time, low in cost and highly targeted. It’s also something that no small business owner should be promoting their business without. And as long as people continue to use email, none of this is going to change.

Should you find yourself on the fence about whether or not to use email marketing, here are ten reasons why it’s time to get off the fence and start boosting sales.

It’s Easy

The first benefit of email marketing is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to hire an expert, you don’t need any kind of advanced technical knowledge, it’s basically just writing and sending emails on a grand scale. Despite its power, it’s something that just about any small business owner can start doing today.

It’s Free

Next there’s the small matter of cost, there isn’t any. Collecting customer emails requires nothing more than an opt in box on your website. And contacting those customers requires nothing more than an hour or two of your time. While it’s certainly possible to benefit from further investment in email marketing, all expenses are very much optional.

Faster, More Flexible than Print


While there’s no denying the effectiveness of traditional paper newsletters, email newsletters are superior in almost every way. Here are five reasons why:

  • No paper means no expensive printing and of course, no stamps.
  • Email newsletters are sent in real time making them perfect for short term promotions.
  • Email newsletters can be shared with friends.
  • You can’t embed videos in printed newsletters.
  • You can’t embed links directly to your website in printed newsletters.

Easily Personalized

Unlike many forms of business promotion, email marketing doesn’t need to be one size fits all. Every email that you send out can be tailored to the specific traits of the recipient. For example, your newsletters might include details of past purchases or even, personalized product recommendations.

Exclusive to Customers

Email marketing allows you to devote your time exclusively to those who actually want to hear from you. You’re not just shouting at random passers by, you’re having a private conversion with those who have asked for your newsletter i.e. those who have a proven interest in your companies products/services.

Highly Targeted

You can also elect to target specific demographics with specific newsletters. For example, perhaps you want to send one promotion to men and one to women. Or perhaps, you want to divide your subscribers according to age, location, past purchases or income. All of these things are possible, greatly increasing the odds of you pressing the right buttons.


Another benefit of email marketing is that it’s very easy to track. Unlike many forms of advertising, you know where you stand almost immediately. With a click of your mouse, you know exactly how many people read your newsletter and more importantly, how many of them clicked through to your website.

Free Market Research


An often overlooked perk of email marketing is that when used correctly, it can be a great source of free market research. If you’re considering a new product or service and you’re not yet sure how it’s going to be received, why not tell your email subscribers about it? The same metrics that tell you how many people read your newsletter can also tell you how many of them click on links to learn more about individual products.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Multiple studies have indicated that attracting a new customer is six times more expensive than retaining an existing one. The importance of customer loyalty and retention therefore cannot be understated. Email marketing can prove highly effective in this regard. It provides the perfect forum for both following up on purchases and generally keeping in touch with your customers.

Fast Acting


Finally, email marketing is fast and I’m not just talking about messages being sent in real time. On average an email marketing campaign is responded to within 48 hours. In other words, for every promotion that you advertise on a Monday, you can expect a response by the following Wednesday. Does that sound like a marketing technique that you should be ignoring?

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