The 3 Worst SEO Mistakes You Could Ever Make And How To Avoid Them

Having a website on the internet has become one of the fundamental essentials for any business that wishes to stay afloat. More and more people are turning online to find solutions to their needs, solutions that you may have, but which you will never have a chance to provide them with if you do not have a website.

Having a website is not the conclusion of the matter though. It needs to be a good one, one that your visitors will enjoy using, and one that has been optimized to take full advantage of the way search engines rank websites so that it can come out on top.

But that is not the end either. You might be reading this article and rolling your eyes – you have heard it all before, you have actually faithfully put to practice all that you were taught but that has not resulted in the business growth that you had been promised.

Well, the problem might be that you have not gotten the basics covered first. Before you launch into all the current SEO trends, you need to have gotten the basics right first. You might be doing everything else right, but if you are making any of the following mistakes, it will take a whole lot of luck for you to get even the minimal trickle of visitor traffic to your website.

Mistake 1 – Using the wrong keywords

The presence of the right keywords at the right places in your website will cause the search engines to attach importance to your website and deem it relevant enough to come first in the results of a search run by the user. But you have to note that it is the use of the right keywords that will have this effect.

So many website owners go wrong as they try to optimize on the use of keywords as they use words which they themselves might have used to run a search. However, considering the fact that they have been in the industry for years and most of the potential clients are new to it, they choose words which the search engine users would never even think of.

Save the technical jargon for other professionals. When it comes to keyword optimization use the great keyword tools that are available such as the Google keyword tools that suggest to you the keywords that users are more likely to use.

Mistake 2 – Too much flash

While flash websites may be attractive and that is exactly what you want your website to be, you need to create HTML alternatives for search engines which do not fancy flash websites much. In actual fact, they cannot read content that is in flash and will thus be unable to index them, and most of the times when this happens, they opt not to index your website at all, not good.

Avoiding too much flash is not only good for search engines, it will also make your visitors’ experience liberty while using your website. When it comes to your website users and search engines, elegant simplicity is the best weapon.

Mistake 3 – Wrong links

Some of you cannot even imagine that there is any such thing as wrong links. Ever since the secret came out of how search engines rank websites and the presence of inbound and outbound links to your website was listed as one of their key considerations while ranking websites, people have gone crazy, stashing links upon links onto their web pages.

Have you tried this? Well if you have, you might have noticed that it has not made much difference on your ranking; in fact you may have dropped a few ranks lower. Well search engines do not only consider the quantity of the said links, but also the quality.

How good is that website linking to yours? And how relevant is the link? Be very careful in your link building strategy, if you make the mistake of linking with sites that are prohibited or are suspected of being spam, you may find yourself facing the same penalties as them.

It is not just a matter of getting any website to link with yours, you need to get solid, reputable and good websites to place links to your website on their web pages and you will be amazed by the results!

Rennell Garrett is an expert analyst and works for a leading atlanta search engine marketing firm. He is passionate about SEO and shares his eagerness through articles like tips to improve internet and mobile marketing.

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