The Essential Crew for Any Startup

You are now about to commence the building of a startup company. There are undeniable independent affiliations with entrepreneurial legacy makers of your stream. Focus has now become a sun’s split ray highlighting both lofty dreams and achievable goals of the near future.

But to have your golden bust mounted on the top of your entrepreneurial pyramid, you need the architects and the masons to plan and place the great building blocks without much error. Without them your success is still an imagination. Hence, the recruitment and establishment of the following posts is necessary.


Yes, that’s you! You need to know your position in the startup before employing anyone. Your job is not simple. The focus of the limited period of time and dearth of resources must be channeled toward the most important of initiatives so that you don’t run out of them.

Secondly, you need to recruit new members gradually while retaining the existing ones. This is where the problem starts as you need to ensure that both the new and old employees coexist in harmony. It gets difficult as each employee has a strong repulsive side to him/her which you need to quell tactfully while also harvesting maximum productivity from them.

The Programmer/Web Developer

A programmer, coder or web developer deals with the work of writing programming codes. A computer programmer writes non web based computer codes while a web developer deals with applications linked to the World Wide Web. A programmer usually possesses other skills related to software engineering. Hence, a programmer is an essential tool to the startup.

The Content Writer/Blogger

Your business potential can be world changing but it will remain nothing without the utilization of marketing. The Internet has now become one of the easiest and fastest growing methods of marketing, especially for startups. Unlike billboard, newspaper, radio or television marketing, the internet is a cost free or low cost medium. The job of a content writer is to write articles describing your service/product and information related to it and inserting keywords which will channel web traffic to your blog/website and advertise your product/service.

The Sales Guy

You now have a web developer and a content writer to build and market your service, but to sell and deliver the product/service; you are in need of a sales guy. Cydcor, Inc. is a supplier of face to face sales expertise. You can contact the company for hiring a sales person and to learn more about Cydcor, Inc..


Even after assembling the core group of your team, you need to turn them into a single unit. Over a short period of time and after a brief analysis of the acquired candidates, you will be able to run your Startup as intended.

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