The Greenest Place on Earth

There is the urgent need to reduce waste due to energy consumption and bio-gas emission which is a product of emissions from industries and factories. This destroys the environment. Thus, we need to move to more friendly energy efficient products and also the use of alternative energy and bio-diesels.
Deforestation which is the felling of trees for mostly commercial purposes has almost become a norm in most countries and generally, the forest reserves are dying gradually. It’s high time we all contribute our quota to stop these dangerous emissions.  Let’s encourage the use of eco-friendly products such as energy saving bulbs, energy efficient bulbs, eco friendly bags and plastics, reduce the energy use to when needed and up to the use of solar power.
By helping to save the planet, you have contributed your own quota to sustainability which is being threatened by the present excess demand on energy resources which in turn deplete the natural resources and the ozone layer.
This website has information about its plan and efforts to plant over One million trees through their tree planting club.
With a referral system that helps in tree planting, it presently funds a charity that plants trees worldwide and with your help by introducing your friends, classmates and colleagues, millions of trees cut down are restored. Trees help our environment by generating oxygen into the atmosphere, clears out the polluted air by absorbing pollution. You can also signup to join a Tree planting club and receive regular updates and newsletters.
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