The importance of branding: Creating a permanent image for your company

All vastly successful companies have branded their name and image, sometimes to that extent that as soon as you see a certain color or a combination of colors, you immediately remember the name and logo of the company. This is a very powerful marketing technique, perhaps even the most powerful one out there. Naturally, as all great achievements, this is very hard to do and it requires tremendous effort by the entire company and a synergy of all relevant elements of the company.

Some companies have managed to acquire a legendary status thanks to their branding. Companies like Coca-Cola and Apple have managed to brand so well that these days we can’t imagine Christmas without a new and inspirational Coca-Cola commercial and the English word Apple is far more associated with the company than with the fruit. This is a very real example of the power of branding but this level of success is not something you can achieve by just casually doing things.

Consistency and company philosophy

This is probably one of the hardest things to do. As a company that is serious and that has the ambition to do great things, you have to have a certain philosophy, a certain creed if you will, that defines the way you conduct business and directly refers to the things a customer can expect from your products or services. Before you can start branding your look and your name, you have to have a level of quality that is recognizable to your customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be top-notch when it comes to your branch of industry. It just means that you have to consistently deliver the same quality at more or less the same prices. You have to create an image based on customer experience. Once you have established your work philosophy, your customers will have certain expectations when it comes to your products and this is a line that you have to take into account every time you are making a new product and you should never deliver anything that is below the standard you have previously set.

The Logo, color choice and the visual experience

This requires a bit of research by the part of the company that deals with visual representation. You have to find a way to represent what you have envisioned visually – as the company’s image. Whatever you do when it comes to branding, you always have to keep your philosophy in mind.

The logo and your choice of colors have to work in perfect harmony. The logo is kind of the crest of your own sovereign country and the color is the flag.

The logo needs to be simple but unique and it is there to personalize your work ethic and the quality of work. The logo is always the first thing that pops up into peoples’ minds when you mention a company’s name, so make sure that is it looks good, that it is authentic and above all, that it fits your companies image.

Choosing a color can be tricky because different colors promote different feelings and have their own symbolism. This symbolism isn’t necessarily the same in all cultures but there are some things you just can’t do. For example if you are promoting environmentally friendly products, it isn’t a very good idea to use red as your primary color of choice. Do your research before you pick your colors and stick with them. When people get used to the fact that these colors stand for your company, you can use them to create an impression for your customers – an impression of entering a different domain when they go into one of your shops or access your website.


Once you have established these things and have firmly agreed upon them, you can start promoting yourself. Frequent use of your logo is something that is highly recommended but try not to overdo it. Having a sense of style is one of the crucial things. Promotional products in the form of pens, flags, bags and so on are your friends. Arranging your shops to fit the company’s image is very important too. You have to make sure that whenever a customer deals with you, he or she is very much aware that he is dealing with you and not some unimportant, third rate, anonymous and faceless local excuse for a company.


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