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Music and the Internet naturally go together. You can find plenty of tunes to either sample or add to your collection from many of the hundreds of music-related sites out there. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still sample some great tunes, find lyrics to your favorite songs, catch up on the latest music reviews, browse music reviews, and enhance your music collection without draining your wallet. In fact, you just might be surprised at how many great free online music resources there are out there.
Note: Many of these sites have both free and paid versions. Most of the free versions still offer enough options to keep even the discerning music lover happy.

Free Legal Downloads – Most people may not think of MTV and music anymore, but their site offers a decent selection of free downloads for artists popular among teens and young adults. – Operated by CNET, this site offers a wide selection of free downloads of songs from independent and popular artists. – While you have to pay for most things on Amazon, the site does make a nice selection of songs available for free download.

Pure Volume – This is an excellent site with free music downloads from unsigned and independent artists.

Bearshare – You’ll find a nice mix of free music downloads from both well-known and independent artists.

Jamendo – All music on this site is licensed for legal use. The songs can either be downloaded for personal enjoyment or tweaked for commercial, depending on the license.

Streaming Music Services

Slacker Radio – Slacker Basic Radio, the free version, offers plenty of features such as mobile music support and a decent amount of music choices.

MOG – If you just want to discover some new music or sample selections from different genres, the free version is just fine. – The popular Internet radio site offers free streaming radio, stats, artist bios, and concert information. – This site is a great source for new music. The free account allows you to create, save, manage, and share playlists.

Yahoo Music – Even though you have to put up with banner ads, the free account still allows you to access a good amount of stations; characterized by the yellow headphones.

Grooveshark – Despite sidebar window ads with the free service, you still get to choose the music you want and share it via your social media accounts.

Pandora – The cool feature of this site is that it will eventually streamline choices based on your thumbs up or thumbs down ratings on artists. The free account limits you to 40 hours per month.

Spotify – The stand alone desktop app allows you to enjoy unlimited free music on demand. Unlike similar sites, you don’t have to choose a genre.

The Sixty One – This is a great site for discovering new and unsigned artists spanning different genres. Playlists can be shared and you can choose music based on your mood.

Hype Machine – This site is unique in that it gives you access to mp3 files posted on various blogs. You are sure to discover some hidden gems.

Lyrics – As the name implies, this site offers a wide selection of lyrics from A to Z spanning all genres. This includes lyrics to many current hits.

Lyrics Depot – With access to over 300,000 free lyrics, this site offers enough choices to keep even the avid music lover happy. – More than 40,000 artists are represented on this free lyrics site. The site is noted for its accuracy.

MetroLyrics – A sidebar widget displays the lyrics to the songs you select. This site has been around for over a decade and offers an excellent selection of genres and artists.

LyricWiki – This free lyrics site allows users to alter lyrics when mistakes are found. It’s not always completely accurate, but you do get a good selection of songs and artists though.

Free Music Reviews – The Entertainment Weekly site offers access to all previously published reviews plus free access to past reviews.

Rolling Stone Music – The site for the popular magazine offers access to enough free reviews to give you an idea of whether or not something is worth purchasing or not.

Free Music News – While the site does offer some exclusive content for paid subscriptions, you can view most music news free of charge. You also get access to at least part of most of the magazine’s charts. – Based in the United Kingdom, this site provides free music news involving artists spanning both sides of the ocean.

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