The Role of Self-Service in BI Performance

Self-service isn’t just for gas stations. In fact, it plays an important role in enterprise BI performance initiatives. After all, what good are your business intelligence investments if your key business users can’t access the data they need in order to make strategic decisions?

What is Self-Service as it Relates to BI Performance?
Obviously, self-service is the ability for users to perform a given service on their own without requiring help from others. Just as most drivers know how to fuel their tanks, your business intelligence users should know how to create their own corporate dashboards, run ad hoc reports, and view data visualizations without requiring IT involvement.

Making Business Intelligence Self-Service a Success
Self-service requires easy-to-use tools that deliver benefits to the user. Otherwise, they won’t use them. If it takes weeks for a manager to have a report designed by IT and the data delivered is irrelevant due to the length of the process, then it’s likely the manager will avoid the process in the future. On the other hand, if a manager can get that same information with a click or two of the mouse and make smarter decisions as a result, then he or she will likely return to the BI performance management solution time and time again.

However, this doesn’t necessarily happen automatically. Not only must users be properly equipped with easy-to-use tools, they may need some training in how to utilize self-service options. For example, self-service gas stations typically post prominent signs reminding drivers to extinguish open flames and turn off their engines as well as illustrations on how to pump gas. No matter how intuitive your BI tools may be to use, you may need to provide your users with some guidance in how to set up their corporate dashboards in order get the most BI performance possible.

Make sure your team can access the data it needs by choosing a BI performance solution that makes mining data for insights as easy as filling up a gas tank. This will help your business run efficiently and your employees will love all of the features it provides them. This will not only save you time and money, but will increase profits for your business.

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