The Secrets To Successful Leaflet Distribution Marketing

Did you know that according The British Marketing Association flyers through letter boxes into homes received the highest response rate of all the advertising channels when contrasted to TV, print and email?

You probably didn’t think this at all. However, it has been proven that leaflets are among the most efficient and cost effective ways to market a business. It seems that sometimes the old ones are the best. It’s a fantastic ways to get your message across to businesses and homes and create brand recognition at a low cost. It’s a far cheaper alternative to radio and TV advertising and also significantly more direct that newspaper and magazine advertising. So, let’s take a look at how to get the very most from this great form of marketing.

Leaflet Design

The leaflet’s design is very important and a good design is remarkable, clear and informative and creates the right impression for the brand in the eyes of the customer. Leaflets don’t need to be remarkable, but they do need to be clear and offer something of note. Take a look here and see how you can design a quality leaflet.

The Drop

This is a very important factor of the whole processes success and one of the best ways to do so is known as the Solus drop. This is where your leaflet and your leaflet alone is delivered to the home or business. However, it does have a downside as people tend to come back to a number of Solus dropped leaflets from different companies and this results in a number of leaflets inside the home – something people may not take care to root through.

The alternative is a share plan drop. This is where the leaflet is dropped along with a number of other non-competing businesses leaflets. This is usually around half the price of the Solus drop, though does mean that you will have your leaflet delivered with other people’s. These often have to be booked well in advance too, as this ensures they can be sent in advance and ensures everything runs smoothly.

The Company

When choosing a company for leaflet drops, it’s best to find one that’s as transparent as possible. Leaflet companies often come under bad rep when someone finds a pile of leaflets plunged into the depths of a bin. Choosing a quality company and paying a little more often pays off in the long term. Companies that offer things like trained staff, GPS reporting services and quick turnaround, as well as guaranteed leaflet distribution are often far better to go with than alternative cheaper companies.


Leafleting will build brand recognition and consistency is central to success. Though you may not get enquiries from a singular drop, you will from numerous, consistent drops. People often take a few drops before you build brand recognition, but when they do start to recall your brand they tend to use it the next time they need that service or product.

By adding coupons to latter leaflets you increase the chances of recognition and people taking you up on the offer of a lower priced product. Familiarity creates fondness when it comes to brands and by using a quality company you greatly enhance the chances of this.

So, now you know a little bit more about how to make your leaflet drops a success and get more of a return from your letter drop marketing attempts.

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of great marketing and has written for a number of sites on leaflet marketing. He is a tech geek and hill walker.

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