The True Cost of Owning A Home

Homeownership is not for everyone. It seems every time you turn around there’s something else that needs attention. Even if you recently paid off your mortgage there are still many expenses and monthly and yearly services that you will need to continue with in order to keep your home in good order

Property Taxes and Homeowners Insurance

Property taxes are something that every homeowner is required to pay, even those that own their home outright. And while they vary from one location to the next they still go up each year. It can get even worse if you now live in an area that’s making a lot of improvements for the better. Homeowner’s insurance is also something that you must have. It protects you in case of fire or an electrical failure and in the event that someone is injured on your property. 

Pest control

Keeping pests out of your home is not only critical to your sanity, it’s also necessary for your health and the preservation of your home. A sighting of a few ants or an occasional mouse may present a bigger problem for you in the near future. Luckily, pest control companies such as Moxie Pest Control, have the knowledge and the equipment that can help them determine if you are at risk for an all-out invasion. Most companies access the situation, then address it and follow up with monthly treatments that can add up to $50.00 or more each visit. 

Lawn Care

Maintaining your outdoors helps to keep the property looking good. Performing regular maintenance by trimming tree limbs and shrubs and removing weeds also prevents bugs and pests from entering and inclement weather, such as snow, ice, and wind from causing damage to your home. If you work, hiring a landscaper or lawn care service may prove to be a viable option. Even if you opt just to use one to mow the lawn it can run you a hundred or so a month from early spring to late fall. 

Annual Service of the heating and cooling system and Plumbing

Whether you have a furnace or an HVAC unit they will need an annual inspection in order to sustain a high level of performance. You can opt to skip a year or two and roll the dice. However, chances are good that if something goes wrong it will end up costing you more. That’s because small problems turn big quickly and forgoing a hundred or so for the annual maintenance that entails the cleaning out of your vents, the plumbing, and the equipment can turn into a few hundred or even worse, the need for a new furnace or AC system for a few thousand dollars. 

Cleaning Out the Gutters

Throughout the year your gutters collect debris and water that runs off. If the gutters become full or clogged in certain areas the water is no longer able to flow freely down the side of your home. When this happens the water begins to back up and overflow causing your siding or shingles to remain wet against the home. Over time this water eventually begins to seep through causing damage to not only the roof but also your home’s interior. A simple cleaning two times a year can prevent this from ever happening. Its a few hundred dollars well spent. 

In addition to the regular maintenance involved with homeownership, there are other things that continue to require your attention and time like resurfacing the deck, filling in the cracks on your patio and repaving the driveway. Inside the home, there are things like changing the lightbulbs, replacing filters, painting and sealing doors and windows. And, all of these things don’t include your monthly utility bills.

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