The UnCollege Movement: Some People Say College Isn’t Necessary, Are They Right?

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Over the last hundred years colleges have transitioned from the sole reality of the rich, to the common goal of every young child in America. The reasons behind this are varied but many can tell that the American public believes that College is a necessity, but is it?

In my lifetime I have witnessed countless friends enter college and leave only to be greeted with the same cold shoulder in the job world as many others who only bear with a GED. This poses a serious question that requires a serious answer. Is college really benefiting its students when factoring in things like debt from loans as well as how quickly college graduates are hired? Throughout this article I will delve into the topic in order to understand if college is best suited for everyone.

Show Me the Numbers

The real issue here is centered on if students are truly going to get the prestige and knowledge they need in order to quickly find gainful employment. According to a study by Andrew Sum at Northeastern University an astounding 44% of students were working in jobs that didn’t require any major skills or simply not working at all. This is depressing when you think about how much money and how much work these students put into their degrees. It can really make the population question the need for a college degree.

Many in the real world today are doing exactly that. They are using their own knowledge and learning about the real world in order to make money from a trade or start their own business. While I wouldn’t disagree that certain college degrees would help these entrepreneurs I also realize that they are not entirely needed. Couple that grim realization with the mountain of debt that many Universities end up costing their students. The average amount of student debt for many American students often totals about twenty six thousand or more. This is almost a chain around many students’ necks unless they are able to quickly find employment that requires their skill set and pays well.

Real Tough Issue

All of this information makes you stop and question what choices you are going to make either now or in the future. For others this affects the advice they may pass onto their children of grandchildren. No matter how you look at it the system of higher education in American is flawed and expensive and it’s costing our country as a whole as well as on a case per case basis. Every student with debt is hampered from truly stimulating the economy as they are instead forced to simply save enough money to pay for rent, utilities, food and transporation. In turn this lowers our potential GDP in two ways, by limiting what a potential worker can actually obtain as well as tainting the image of higher education within the US.

I will admit that I find college to be very helpful to many. The benefits of a solid degree are obvious and even if it doesn’t help you know it may well end up helping you years later. I would strongly recommend attending college as you will broaden your horizons as well as your potential earnings.

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