Three Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings can determine how much traffic a blog gains. If you are not ranking well on a search site, particularly Google, it means you are yet to gain the amount of traffic your blog deserves. Search sites can determine how well a site ranks for particular keywords, judging by the quality of the content that sites has and a host of other factors.

Increasing your search engine rankings can help you double your traffic, and also bring increase to your online earnings. But if you want your search engine rankings to remain steady, you have to follow certain procedures which will make your blog get its rankings naturally.

Build Backlinks

Writing high quality content for your site will give it relevance in the eyes of the readers, but that alone won’t be enough to help your blog rank high on search engines. To get your articles to rank on search engines, you need to build backlinks to your site/article from sites that have authority on the internet. You might need to gauge the authority of sites you should aim to get links from based on the value of Page Rank, Alexa Rank and MozRank they have.
Getting backlinks fro sites can fuel your rankings on search engines and help you skyrocket your blog to the first page on major search sites, but you can ignite the wrath of search engine sites like Google if you create any suspicion in the process.

Get Your Blog’s Links on Social Media Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ command high respect on search engine sites and you can leverage on this to get recognition from search sites. A notable example is the importance Google attached to links shared on your Google+ profile page. It ranks a site that has been shared on Google+ better when you search for a term than other articles that have no shares on Google+.

You will notice that PR companies are able to use social media sites to increase their rankings in search engines. Each of your site’s link on a social media page counts when search engines crawl the links pointing to your site. Though, some social media sites are no-follow and may not pass any SEO benefit to your site.

List Your Company on Google Map

Google map lets your company’s website rank for specific terms, usually the terms known to what services or products your company offers. Companies that are listed on Google map rank when they are searched in the geographical niche their company is listed.

A good example is a website that does plumbing in San Francisco. The sites that will appear on the first page of Google for the term “San Francisco Plumbers” or “Plumbing, San Francisco” are sites that belong to companies registered on Google Map for that area.  You too should leverage this opportunity and boost your rankings with it.

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