Time to Change Careers? 4 Things to Consider First

In previous generations, it wasn’t uncommon for people to stay in the same role with the same

employer for their entire working life. Nowadays, not only will many of us have different

occupations across a myriad of employers, it’s also possible to dabble in more than one career path

during your lifetime. Whether you’ve always had a burning desire to do something specific or are

just not as content as you’d like to be, below are four things for you to keep in mind when it comes

to making a career change.

1. Speak To Professionals

There may be a number of pathways you can take to get you into a new career so make sure you

seek advice from a careers counsellor or reputable human resources and recruitment agency like Chandler Macleod before you embark on your

journey. They will be able to help you to identify exactly what you want to do and how to achieve it.

2. Make Sure You’re Happy Outside of Work

We spend so much time at our workplaces that if we aren’t happy there it can take a massive toll on

our personal and home life – but did you know that the opposite can be true as well? Make sure that

you’re making time to spend with your friends and family and devoting some of your downtime to

things you enjoy too. When you’re overall fairly happy and content it’s easier to make those big life

choices about whether a job or career change is right for you.

3. Find out what you’re really Getting Yourself in for

If possible, talk to people currently working in the role or industry that you’re considering moving

into. Ask them to tell you everything – the good, the bad and everything in between – so that you

can get a realistic snapshot as to whether this is really the path you want to pursue. For example,

some of the more ‘glamourous’ looking jobs may actually involve gruelling hours for low pay or the

industry you dream of joining may be currently experiencing a downturn, so be prepared.

4. Find out What Options Are Available at Your Current Workplace

Have an open and honest discussion with your current employer and find out what potential training

or development opportunities might be available to you there. In an ideal world, there would

already be plans in place for you to work towards but if not, there are still ways you can raise the

conversations with your current employers without raising flags that you might be about to leave.

Deciding to change careers can have a huge impact on your life – combining study with work and

family commitments can be challenging, as can adjusting to the ‘student life’ (and budget!) if you

decide to leave the workforce to focus on your goals. But if you are working towards something that

is really important to you, a career change can also be one of the most valuable things you ever

embark on.

Have you ever had a career change? What advice would you give to people considering making

one of their own?

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