Tips to educate someone how to use social media in business perfectly

Tips to educate someone how to use social media in business perfectly Social media has completely changed business development theories as was conceived a few decades back. Given the revolutionary nature of its impact, it is not advisable to think of building brand awareness and marketing proficiency exclusive of the various channels of social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, Vimeo, Flickr, etc, especially for those in e-commerce. Here are ways how to enhance your share of the market with an expansive correlation with the customers.

Channels for maximum exposure at minimum costs

First, you need to develop a strategy and learn to spend time effectively online. Pick the key points where your product or service will gain better reception. For example, products targeted towards fashion and friendship are better received on Facebook, twitter works well for media oriented industries, Pinterest works for crafty or creative matters. For business-to-business advancement, LinkedIn works better, etc

Strategize and research well

Through all-embracing research and tactic, recognize the ideal thrust points. Once this is achieved step towards developing a consistent marketing strategy. Each month, set aside an hour on a monthly routine to strategize for social media promotions. Here you can make a list of promotion styles, added product features, fun but attractive giveaways and interesting posts. Phase out these posts these in an appropriate manner over the entire month or given period so as not to overwhelm the target audience and make them feel baffled and alarmed.

Create quirky content

Create quirky yet interesting, and informative posts through blogging. Schedule regularized posts and content that stirs up interest in the mind of prospective audience. Keep it honest as much as possible to develop loyalty and trust for your customers to bank on. Another tool is writing personalized posts in Facebook and Twitter that connects you in a more direct way to your customer base. The content should be explicitly focused towards your product or services. Add personalized experiences and technical details to help and guide your followers and make it more user-friendly. This approach makes it more genuine and sits better with your customers. They can relate to your product and experience with authenticity and realism.

Graphics and Infographics are a necessity

Think creative and opt for designs that are appealing and thoughtful. This will help lure in better traffic and sustain curiosity of the floating customer. Infographs are a great way to evoke awareness within inward traffic. For healthier consequences, include fascinating videos and photos in YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc of your product. Include photos and links around each promotion activity to your product or site.

Remain interactive

Once you develop your base of fans, followers, likes and interests, maintaining the base have to be your prime target. Use the social media platform so far developed, to keep a steady flow of interaction going between your customers, prospective customers and your industry. The interaction is mutually insightful and beneficial as it forms a bridge of understanding and perspective between your far away customer tucked away at home and your product/service. Throwing light and indulgent attention on their matters of concern that they vent in your pages or blog, bind them more to your product and helps in generating future leads, fans and well-wishers.


Noted market analysts have observed almost 85% step-up in customer responsiveness with the inclusion of these tools. Footfall or site-traffic has gone up by 75 % and a visible reliability by fans by almost 80%. These facts clearly underline that social media proffers an all-inclusive win-win situation than you could have ever conceived that too at half the promotion charges than the traditional marketing tools.

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