Tips for Financial Security for Nurse


When you start working in the nursing field, you would be responsible for providing medical support to the patients to recover faster. Due to the demand of this job, you might have to work for late hours or even on the weekends and end up getting no time to plan your life or how to spend the money that you earn. I can say so because I have been working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for the past 4 years. Even though we are paid high salary and can easily earn more by working extra hours, but at times we find it difficult to manage our expenses.While working as nursing aide, I made some efforts to plan my budget and obtain financial security. I am sharing those tips with you.

  • Plan and restrict your expenses: There are several nursing aides who have no balance in the bank account long before their next pay days. It is vital that you plan your expenses. What I do is that I plan my budget for the month and it includes everything from groceries to weekend movie plans. I make sure that I stick it. I spend just 80% to 90% of my income, so that the rest can be saved.

  • Get CNA insurance: Every nursing assistant should make sure that he or she is insured. You might end up losing all your savings, if any of your patients are unsatisfied with the medical service provided to him or her and file a lawsuit against you in the court. Find out whether your employer has provided appropriate insurance coverage to you or else you need to get yourself insured through appropriate private company. You would need to set aside small amount of income for the insurance installments, but it helps to protect you from such surprise financial hiccups.

  • Avoid swiping credit card: Using credit card is so easy, but using it to pay your grocery bill is not the right thing. Avoid use of credit cards as much as you can. Instead use your debit card to pay your bills and buy regular stuff. This way you can avoid getting yourself under a pile of debts.

  • Plan your work: A nursing aide can work in a hospital, clinical care centers, rehabilitation centers, old age homes, or any other medical settings. Those opting for CNA private duty jobs do not work at a particular medical setting. They need to travel to the patient’s homes in order to provide the essential medical aide and support. Such a job is challenging, but along with your job you need to plan your finance. You need to manage your work hours aptly and also obtain the details about the travel expense amount that would be paid to you. If you do not pay attention to these minute details, then you might end up getting yourself into financial troubles.

In a nutshell, every nurses can become financially secured if they plan their budget, save certain amount of their salaries, plan their work hours, and avoid use of credit cards.

Aalia Jennison, the writer of this article, works as a certified nursing assistant and has 4 years of work experience in the nursing field and has worked as nursing assistant on private duty for some time. She also provides training to the new joiners, so that they begin their nursing assistant careers.


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