Tips For Finding And Using Recruitment Agencies

The number of recruitment agencies out there are a dime a dozen. Any large city the size of Melbourne, Sydney or New York would have around a hundred recruitment companies. However, with so many recruitment businesses around willing to help you find employment how do go about finding the best one and then maintaining a good relationship with them? You also need to bear in mind the fact that in order to improve your chances of finding a job you need to make a great first impression with the recruiter, while at the same time you need to be able to identify scam recruiters.

Never submit your CV to all the recruitment agencies in your city

Unlike applying for a job via classified ads online or offline you don’t want to submit your profile and CV to every recruiter in your city. To improve your chances of finding suitable employment and to save time short list all the recruiters you know of to two or three who mainly specialize in your line of work. Submitting your resume to all the recruiters you know off may reduce your chances of getting hired because many times all agencies may be working with the same clients and so if your profile exists with multiple recruiters they will all submit you for the job. This puts the company in charge of hiring in a difficult position. A hiring company may just decide to move past a candidate who has been submitted from multiple sources as opposed to getting into a debate with all the competing agencies that have your CV, all of whom will claim a referral fee.

Dress well

When you’re scheduled to meet with a recruiter and not necessarily your future employers always dress formally. All recruiters need to know is that you can dress well and are professional. Dressing formally will help to reassure them that you’re professional and serious.

Always establish a few strategic relationships

Build a relationship with recruitment agencies, a few select agencies who specialize in your line of work and whom you think have your best interest ahead of everything else. Make sure to get in touch with them on a regular basis when seeking a job, and ensure that you disclose to them important things like where you’re sending your resume to. A good relationship means that the agency is able to trust you which turns out to be a big bonus for you.

Send out thank you notes

This may seem strange but sending a thank you note when you get hired can mean a big deal to the agent who helped you. Sending a note shows that you are responsible and are thankful to the recruiting agency for helping you. This also means that they will remember you even if you later need to switch to another job.

Try to standout from everyone else

You need to be upfront with any recruiter you work with and tell them about things like your availability or if you’re sick or if you have set a few other goals. Recruiters working for agencies are seasoned professionals and so they deserve to be informed. This also helps to build a rapport not to mention the fact that you’ll come across as a professional. This will help you stand out from their large pool of potential candidates because believe it or not professionalism and integrity is not easy to find.

Always use an agency again

Once you have found a good recruitment company it pays to stay loyal to them. This is because each time you need to change your job they will help you, and this time probably even vouch for you too. The more you go back to them and trust them with your profile the harder they will work for you.

They should be free

The recruitment agency you choose should be free for job seekers. There are many scam recruitment agencies being run by scrupulous people whose sole motive is to take your money and disappear. If an agency asks that you pay a free regardless of what they label it to be then it should raise a red flag. Recruiment agencies like MTC Australia are free and continue to be free regardless of who you are.

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