Tips for Making Money with Amazon commands a lot of respect worldwide as well as large volumes of traffic. There are several ways of making money with this site. The method you opt for will depend on the nature of your business.

You can promote already published books (either published through a conventional publisher or self-published) on Amazon through the Advantage program. This program allows the use of on-demand publishing. This reduces the risk of keeping a large inventory of self-published material which might not sell.

For affiliate marketers, the Associates program is a great way of making money. Through this program, you can recommend a wide variety of products to customers. For every sale you make, you are paid a commission. The Associates program is especially ideal for people who have several websites, since they can promote many high quality products which are stocked in

Signing up on is free. Once you have joined the site, take time to explore all the opportunities offered in the site. One of the things you need to consider is the opportunity to create an aStore, which is a web page focused on a specific theme. Amazon itself contains several examples of these. For instance, if you have a site about gardening, you could build an aStore which offers the best magazines and books on gardening. Make sure your main blog or site contains a link to this page.

When creating your aStore, it is advisable to use colors which match those in your main site or blog. To join this program, you will need to have a site which will be assessed to ensure that it is fit for inclusion.

Therefore, if you are seeking strategies for monetizing your site, go ahead and sign up for free with Amazon. It offers a great opportunity of making an income by offering high quality products.


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