Tips For Vehicle Graphics And Advertising

Vehicle graphics are a great way to get your business message to a large audience in a fast, cost-effective way but they do have some drawbacks which mean that they must be well-planned in order to be effective. Vehicle advertising is not new – in fact, the idea has been around for almost as long as cars themselves – and it can be much less expensive than other forms of advertising because you only have to pay once for each vehicle which can be used to advertise your company for several years.

In order to make the most of this inexpensive – and potentially very effective – style of marketing, take a moment to consider the following tips:

  1. Identify your intended message:

In order to create a successful vehicle ad campaign, you must first decide what your goal is or what you are trying to say with your ad? Are you looking for more traffic to your website or more walk-in customers? Once you have established what you want from those who see your ad, it will help you decide what information needs to be included. It is important to keep your goal narrow and focused as each person will only see your ad for a brief amount of time.

2. Stay True to your Brand

The most successful campaigns focus on increasing brand awareness and put the brand’s name and logo front and center along with some form of contact information. As this is most likely going to be your goal with these ads, it is crucial to use recognized logos, fonts, and slogans in order to reinforce that recognition.

3. Wrap advertising or spot graphics?

There are two basic types of vehicle graphics that a company can use in order to promote their brand: wrap advertising, which covers the entire vehicle similar to shrink wrap, and spot graphics which are applied one-at-a-time to specific locations. Which one you choose is up to you but be sure to consider where you do most of your driving and what parts of the vehicle are most likely to be seen by the most amount of people and for the longest amount of time.

4.Don’t forget the roof:

When choosing spots on your car for graphics, don’t forget to consider the roof as well. This is an especially good idea if you do a lot of driving in areas with high rise buildings or if your business happens to target long-distance truck drivers. Even if people cannot easily see the roof design, it will help your vehicle stand out.

5.Think big:

Whether you opt for a partial or full wrap, make sure your ad employs bright colors and clear messages. Your design will mostly be seen from a distance and very quickly so be sure to use easy-to-read colors and fonts.

6.Use professionals:

Well-done vehicle advertising can last several years and will only cost you money up front making it one of the most cost-effective way of spending your advertising dollars. For this reason, it makes sense to shell out for really good work and not to cut corners by hunting for a bargain. Get your money’s worth and find professionals with great reviews to create your company fleet.

7.Don’t use photos:

If your brand has nothing to do with photography, avoid the use of photos in your vehicle advertising. Photos are not a part of your brand’s identity and may serve only to confuse people who only see your vehicle for a moment. Focus instead on logos and taglines which adequately sum up your business at a glance.

8.Keep it simple:

The market nowadays is cluttered with visual noise. In order to stand out from the crowd of competing advertisements, it is often most effective to opt for simplicity instead. Keep your message simple and direct and people will be less likely to tune you out entirely.

Advantages of vehicle advertising

Not only is it a very cost-effective way of advertising, vehicle graphics have a variety of other advantages including:

  • Full wraps will protect the car’s paint job from scratches and other superficial damage such as rust. This will increase the resale value of your vehicle and keep it in better condition for as long as you use it for advertising;
  • It will turn your commute into advertising time.
  • Excellent reach: Every person you drive by becomes a potential customer meaning that you do not have to worry about targeting specific ages, incomes, ethnicities, or genders.
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