Tips to Make Your Blog More Social

A blog or web log is a space online where the author shares his views and ideas about an event or issue. Blogs contain discrete entries known as posts. Posts are displayed in chronological order where the most recent post appears first. Blogs can be single author or multi-author.

Blogs became popular with the emergence of web publishing tools. A typical blog contains text, images, videos and links to other blogs or websites. A majority of blogs these days are interactive. They allow blog visitors to leave comments about the respective blog posts allowing blog owners to reply to comments. Some blogs encourage healthy discussion among blog visitors. Blogs these days are developed and published in a plethora of niches. Blog owners are adopting various strategies to divert traffic to their blog.

Tips to make your blog more social
Regardless of whom the blog owner is; an entrepreneur, an executive, a professional or a professional blogger, his aim would be to make his blog more social. In no order of importance a few important tips on how to make your blog more social have been discussed.

Focus on producing quality content
As a blogger, your focus should be on producing quality content. Visitors must benefit by visiting your blog. Your blog content must be informative. The focus must be on developing content that is original. Avoid copy pasting blog content and passing it off as your original work. Content can do the trick as your loyal visitors will visit your blog with the intention of reading new content.

Interact with blog visitors
One of the best ways to make your blog more social is to get interactive with your blog visitors. Some visitors leave their feedback about your blog in the comments section. As a blog owner, it becomes your responsibility to visit this section on a regular basis. You must keep track of what your readers have to say. Reply to such comments. This encourages users to continue posting comments. The comments section of some blogs also doubles up as a discussion forum where readers engage themselves discussing about a topic.

Take advantage of social media
Social Networking Sites have gone beyond allowing users to keep in touch with friends, family and the rest of the world. When smartly used, these sites can be used as a valuable tool to make your blog more social. One of the ways to successfully do this is by promoting your blog posts on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can create a Facebook page for your blog and update regularly. When you publish a new post you can spread the news among your followers on Twitter.

Make your blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
In order to make your blog SEO friendly you must identify the keywords that users might possibly use to get information on your blog’s subject. You must try and incorporate them in your blog’s title and body.

These are just a few tips to make your blog more social. You can explore other tips as well.

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  1. Great post. I think making your blog more social is now one of the most important factors. Even more than making sure you have keywords etc etc. If something can be shared by people and interacted with, this is far more important and guarantees visitors that will most likely become readers and not just one off visitors.

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