Top 10 No Fluff Internet Marketing Tips For 2013

If you are looking for for creative marketing tactics to grow your business online, you should implement these 10 simple but very effective internet marketing tips.  I used these techniques to improve my rankings for  and build my online reputations

Social Networking

Build  your Linkedin network. You can easily generate leads by building up your profile and connections. Don’t forget LinkedIn is the best and most famous business networking website on the Internet. Having an account there can be very beneficial.  Facebook groups are similar to Linkedin groups. Why groups instead of creating Facebook Fan pages? Because Administrator of the group can email group members directly, while fan pages don’t offer that way of a promotion. Email method can create a stronger relationship between you and your future customers. Twitter– use a Tweepsearch tool to find a small business owners related to your niche. Follow them. You can even narrow search for your town. This can be very lucrative method to promote your business locally.  No matter whatever money making ideas you have, you should maintain your social networks in a proper way in order to improve your online visibility.

Other Networking Groups

Beside most important social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, you could join to related groups on or even Ling. If you offer a free ad on your website to a group administrator, they will accept your membership. This is a great way to promote your website in a way that 99% of your competitors don’t do.

Dominate Your Market

You can beat your competitors by participating in affiliate or reseller programs. This strategy can increase your online popularity and improve your online reputation. People love to buy branded things, Brand your products this way.


Create a blog if you already don’t have it on your website. With unique and interesting content, often updated, you will engage your current readers even more and also attract more visitors.  I started to blog about money making ideas and suddenly my website was flooded with highly targeted visitors. Don’t forget to write useful blog posts with keywords-optimized technique.

Offer Something for Free

Free ebooks, free trainings, free simple software programs related to your niche, etc. Everything can be useful for your online promotion . For example you might have a car loan calculator on your website, if you are selling cars.

Paid Marketing

If you have enough money to invest I strongly recommend to start with pay per click advertisements. You can hire an expert to perform PPC campaign for you.

Free Advertising

If you don’t have a budget for paid marketing, you can start with free advertising. Websites like Kudzu or Yelp offer free ads where you can fill out your business information and a website’s URL.  Google for more similar websites and put your classified style ads everywhere.

Email Newsletters

Engage your readers by offering them a chance to subscribe to your email newsletter. That way they will get your content updates as soon as you publish it.


Offer your visitors a simple survey about your website. Keep it short. You will find out what your visitors like the most on your website, what they don’t like, etc. This technique will help you to improve your website’s content to drive more traffic.

Video Marketing

I can’t stress enough the importance of a Video Marketing. If you encourage your customers to make a video testimonial about your products, by giving them a small discount, you can boost your rankings very fast. Even better – do your own video testimonial about your product. People love to see who is behind your website. You will create an even stronger relationship with your possible future customers just by doing your own video testimonial.

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