Top Ten Ways To Launch A Blog With A Bang

Launching a new blog can be pretty exciting. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that’s generally characterized by quite a bit of doubt. Not all blogs make money. And that’s not a nice thing to think about when you’re slaving over posts and on page SEO.

Should you be going through the arduous journey of starting a blog from scratch, here are ten simple ways to turn doubts into profits in record time.

Introduce Yourself

First off, don’t underestimate the importance of your About Page. First time visitors to your blog aren’t going to know a thing about you. The purpose of your About Page is to change this fact. In the very minimum, aim to answer the following questions.

  • Who are you?
  • What is your blog about?
  • What makes you an expert on the subject?

Look the Part

Content trumps looks in terms of importance but that doesn’t mean that looks are irrelevant. If you want your blog to stand out, it needs to look the part. Invest in a high quality logo and make sure that it’s memorable.

Though a premium theme isn’t really necessary, avoid using one that has been designed solely to increase click through rates. Instead look for a professional looking, clean design with plenty of white space.

Hit the Ground Running

Don’t launch your blog until you have ten killer posts already written. First time visitors to your blog aren’t going to be impressed by one or two posts regardless of how good they are.

Take full advantage of the buzz that comes with a new blog launch, it doesn’t last long. Your first ten posts should be entertaining, informative and opinionated. They should also demonstrate your blogs superiority over that of your competitors.

Talk About Your Blogs Future

As well as ten existing posts, first time visitors to your blog should be greeted with previews of what’s to come. If you’re passionate about your new blog, you should have a pretty clear idea about where you want to take it.

Don’t keep your plans a secret. Let first time visitors know exactly what they have to look forward to should they decide to return.

Look for Subscribers From Day One

Many bloggers don’t bother to ask for subscribers until they’ve already amassed quite a bit of traffic but there really is no reason to wait. Include a link to your feed both above the fold on your homepage and below every post that you write.

If your content is good enough, you should start to get subscribers immediately. And as you are likely aware, subscribers tend to turn into repeat readers which is exactly what you should be looking for.

Leave High Quality Blog Comments

Most bloggers are well aware of the SEO benefits of blog commenting. When done correctly, blog commenting can also prove highly effective at getting a new blog noticed.

Focus exclusively on high traffic blogs that are relevant to your niche. Leave thoughtful comments that demonstrate your expertise on the subject matter.

Join Relevant Forums

If you’ve chosen to blog about a reasonably popular niche, you should have little problem finding a few forums full of people interested in the topic. Becoming an active participant on such forums is well worth doing.

Provided you are helpful and leave quality posts, you can expect to receive ample traffic through your signature link. Much like blog commenting, effective forum posting is all about demonstrating your expertise on what is being discussed.

Get Social

Though you’re obviously going to have to do the majority of your blogs promotion yourself, that doesn’t mean that your readers can’t help you. Include social sharing buttons at the end of all of your posts. Don’t underestimate the power of social media if your posts are genuinely worth sharing.

Guest Posting

No article about launching a blog with a bang would be complete without a mention of guest posting. If you can get a high quality guest post published on a high quality blog, you can expect a ridiculous amount of traffic to be sent your way.

Don’t make the mistake of looking for high PR blogs exclusively however. The two factors that you should care about the most are relevancy to your blogs niche and monthly traffic.

Sort Out Your SEO

SEO expertise is by no means needed to launch a blog successfully but you do need to get the basics right. High quality blog commenting and active forum participation should take care of your off page SEO but there’s still the on page version to worry about.

The basics of on page SEO are incredibly simple to both understand and implement. But don’t underestimate the damage that failing to do so can cause.

John Smith is a London based online marketer and a seo expert who is an active member of seo positive services.

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