The Top Ways Employees Get Fired

No one wants to get fired from their job and most of us work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, getting fired can actually be very easy if you don’t keep your behavior in check and perform your job to the best of your abilities. Here are the top reasons as to why people get fired from their job.

Posting on Social Media Sites During The Workday

Almost every single one of us has, at one time or another, called out of work sick when we weren’t sick at all. Many of us do it to get an extra day of sleep, extend a vacation or go to a sports game we have tickets for. However, whether you call out sick because you actually are sick or you just have better things to do, posting on your social media account while you are supposed to be home sick is something that will easily get you fired. Even when you do show up for work you should avoid posting on a social media site, because that can also get you fired.

Using Company Information Incorrectly

Your company trusts you to keep certain information confidential. If you take this information and sell it to another company or use it to start your own company your employer will most likely fire you over it. Even if your company has general liability insurance they will lose money by losing you as an employee and having to hire and train your replacement.

Stealing Anything From Your Company

Sure, in the grand scheme of things office supplies aren’t that expensive, yet your company will fire you if they catch you stealing those supplies. Stealing anything makes you look untrustworthy and companies only want employees they could trust. Since they have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to stealing, taking office supplies has to be as great an offense as stealing a computer from the company would be.

Sending Personal Emails

Your work email is not the best way to make plans with your sister for the weekend. Most companies monitor every email their employees send (or at least have the ability to) and if they catch you sending personal emails you can easily be fired.

In such a tough job market, no one wants to lose their job. Avoiding these four pitfalls is always a good start.


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