Top Ways You Can Sharpen Your Act

If you’ve ever seen the film Limitless, then you might have been inspired to sharpen up your act. In that film, Bradley Cooper’s character takes an imaginary super pill that allows him to tap into 100% of his brain and immediately goes from washed-up nobody to successful trader and general super-smooth-operator. Of course it helps that Bradley Cooper is such a smooth guy to begin with, which really helps to sell the idea.

Ignoring the dubious science behind the concept for a moment, it’s certainly impressive the way Cooper’s character transforms and something that we’d all probably like to emulate. Not only does he become much sharper and smarter, but he also looks different, talks differently and has an entirely different aura that makes people stand up and take notice of him.

Sadly Limitless is fiction; there is no such pill and as I mentioned the science of using 100% of your brain is really rather misguided. The good news though is that you don’t actually need a pill in order to change the way others see you and the impression you make. There are plenty of ways you can create this kind of transformation in yourself and none of them involve ingesting experimental drugs. Here we will look at some of the ways you can really transform yourself and sharpen up your act. The success will follow…

Your Teeth

Teeth are something that let down the overall look for a lot of people. Ever noticed how most successful celebrities have perfect teeth (or the fact that it’s called a Hollywood smile)? The reason for this is simple: straight white teeth suggest health, success and affluence and will make you instantly look like you have more of those things.

If you have un-straight and stained teeth then, that needs to change and there are many non-invasive dental techniques to help with that. Invaslign for instance is a product that can help to straighten your teeth without the ugly appearance of tracks that conventional braces give you. Likewise, by using veneers anyone can make their teeth look instantly straighter and whiter after just a single visit to the dentist.

Your Hair

A good hair cut can make a huge difference to your overall appearance by framing your face correctly and giving you the look of someone who takes care in their appearance and who can afford a good stylist. The secret here is to experiment with different looks in order to find the one that best suits you, and to spend a little more on your haircut which people will notice. A money saving trick here is to go once to an expensive stylist to get the best cut, then to use a cheaper hairdresser subsequently and ask them to stick with the same style.

Your Body Language

Your appearance can only say so much about you. More important is the way you conduct yourself, and the way that you command a room. To make sure that you make the best impression, you should try to unconsciously take up more space – both with larger gesticulations, and with a more upright posture/wider stance. This way you will look more confident and command more attention which will change the way others see you.

Your Voice

Now you know how to portray confidence in your stance, you should also look at how to portray it through your voice. One way to do this is to simply talk more slowly. That will help you to sound more confident, but will also make your voice sound deeper and more powerful.

Your Height

Did you know that people rate taller individuals as being more successful and more attractive? While you can’t do much about your natural height though, you can make yourself appear taller first by improving your stance (this is another good reason to practice straightening up), but also by using height-adding insoles in your shoes which can give you a small boost making you a couple of inches taller. You’ll find this also changes the way you feel in a group, and thus the way you act.


Of course the clothes you wear also make a big difference, and again you don’t have to spend a fortune. Most important is that your clothes are fitted and that they emphasise the positive parts of your physique. Buy cheap if necessary and get them taken in, or just make sure you buy in your measurements.

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