TV And Radio Vs. Email Marketing

Are you using old methods of selling to new customers? Like Seth Godin says, you can’t change the market. You have to change the way you do business. Match your marketing methods to your audience.

It’s a really simple rule: When you are selling from your website, push traffic to your website! Go after the people who are ALREADY ONLINE with email marketing.

If you are selling through your website, the low hanging fruit are the people who are already online. Give someone a link, they will click it. Make someone work for it and you will never see them. People want things to be easy. Trying to drive traffic to your website through TV or radio is not easy!

If someone is driving down the road listening to the radio and hear an ad for a website, do you think they are going to be able to visit the website? Not likely from behind the wheel and I hope they don’t try. Are they going to remember your ad out of the 50 or 60 they heard on the way to work and look up your website? Chances are slim even if you are selling something they need.

A TV commercial will be slightly more effective because you are at least reaching the right demographic. According to Neilsen, People who watch more than average TV are also spending more than average time online. People do occasionally watch TV while on a laptop.

Your email shows up in someone’s inbox. You are using an opt in list, so this is someone who is already interested in your product. They are going to check email anyway, they might as well open your email while they are at it. You give them a link that is easy to click and they go straight to your website. See how easy that is?

Now let’s compare costs.

You have a TV commercial produced which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Then you run the ad. A 30 second spot can run you $5 to $4,000,000 depending on the station and time slot. For simplicity’s sake, lets say you run the ad locally in Fargo 30 times a week at $250 each. That’s $7500. Per week. Plus production.

For a local small town radio ad you pay much less. Production aside, you can get packages for as low as $1200 a week for 30 airings. That’s still $1200 a week. As soon as your message stops, people forget about you.

With email marketing you pay a monthly fee depending on the number of emails you send out. 50,000 emails costs roughly $750. You are still going to have writing, design and management fees, which generally runs about $500 each. That’s a grand total of $1250 to reach 50,000 inboxes. In addition to the savings, you get a full report on who opens your emails when and which links they click on. You will never get that from TV or radio.

TV and radio stations will give you all sorts of stories about the number of people you are reaching, and how many times you need to repeat your message, etc. What they don’t tell you is this: You are blasting your message to everyone whether they want to hear it or not. You are wasting all that effort and money on people who are not your target market.

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