Twitter For Business- Don’t Fake Your Numbers

It is not uncommon for businesses to buy followers on Twitter and there are some genuine reasons to do so.  Companies that are just getting started on Twitter may find that they are having a hard time growing their account because of their newness on the site.  These same companies may think that buying more followers will make them more searchable but you’ll lack credibility in the social network world.  Those who understand this aspect of social networking know that it is much better to have fewer quality followers rather than a large number of inactive fake followers.

Others Will Know Your Followers are Fake

One of the biggest downsides to buying followers is that others will know that they are fake ones.  There are a few ways that they will know and the following are some of those ways:

  • The Ratio is Off – When someone looks at your account, they’ll see that you have thousands of followers but you’re only following a hundred or so other people.  This is the first sign that you’ve purchased followers rather than worked to get them.
  • Few Retweets From Your Followers – When you have legitimate followers, they are going to retweet your posts on occasion, if you are not getting these retweets, it’s a good sign that your followers are not real.
  • Lack of Conversation – Twitter is called social media for a reason.  You socialize with those who are following you and that you follow.  If there is a lack of conversation between you and the majority of your followers then something is off.
  • Your Followers Never Tweet – Now we all have those people in our following that simply don’t use the site.  Maybe they don’t like the limitations of one hundred and forty characters or they prefer other social media.  This is understandable, but if the majority of your followers are not tweeting, it’s for a reason and that reason is that they are fake.

What Buying Followers Means

Many companies fake their follower count by buying some but before you take the easy way out, you need to learn a bit more about what bought followers mean.  When you buy followers, you’re buying dummy accounts that will not interact with you as represented above.  You need to have these types of interactions for your SEO numbers and this is why it is not always a great idea to buy fake followers.  Now, keep in mind, if you are just starting out, you can buy a few to get you going but make sure that you’re not buying thousands on the first day you sign up as this is a huge red flag.

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that while you want to have a good following, you also need to have a good ratio of people who you follow that are also following you.  When you get started, there is nothing wrong with buying some followers but make sure you show restraint and that you’re also working to earn followers too.

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