Understanding How Targeted Social Media Marketing and SEO Expand Your Company’s Reach

If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve probably heard a great deal about search engine optimization (SEO) to improve website traffic and gain potential clientele. If you’re just starting out, going back to the basics and understanding what SEO is, will probably be your best bet. In any event, as the world of technology continues to evolve, so does the need for businesses to hone in on their marketing efforts for the betterment of their brand and overall success.

The Boom of Social Media

Social media has become less of a casual pastime for individuals and more of a necessary asset for businesses to have. Combined with quality SEO practices, social media can be a very powerful tool in reaching the masses and getting the recognition your brand deserves. Not only does it help to improve website traffic, but it has also helped businesses from all industries to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships with their ideal consumers.

If you haven’t already created a social media page for your organization, you’re already behind the competition. Now is the best time for you to consider incorporating this into your internet marketing strategies. While it may seem as if you don’t need a social media account for your business, this is far from the truth. According to Wearesocial.net, statistics show that out of 7 billion people worldwide, approximately 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Essentially, if you’re not plugged in socially, you’re missing out on lots of potential business.

 Understanding the Impact of Social Media on SEO

Now that you have a better understanding of why it pays to have a social media account for your business, understanding how social media and other internet marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) is equally as important. Below are just a few ways in which these two marketing concepts go hand in hand.

  • Social Media Accounts Improve Rankings on Search Engines – As you know, your SEO and content marketing goes a long way in discerning where your company information will end up on a search engine results page (SERP). Adding a well optimized social media account to the mix of your internet marketing strategies can actually increase your rankings. This means that if someone is searching for a particular product or service that you’re connected with, you have a high chance of being seen on the first few pages.
  • Receive Organic Traffic – While it is imperative to utilize various link building strategies to increase web traffic, many of those strategies do not produce genuinely interested consumers. However, through sharing posts with links on your social media page, those who happen upon your company website are genuinely there interested in your products and/or services. This makes turning website traffic into sales a lot easier to accomplish.
  • Social Media Allows You to Reach More Mobile Users – As you’re probably aware, Google has made it mandatory for all businesses to have a company website page that is user friendly for both desktop and mobile users. Since many social media users are also mobile users, getting them to visit your newly updated site is a lot easier than other avenues for getting the word out.
  • Promotes Social Sharing – Search Bloom, a Utah SEO and internet marketing service provider, gives great tips on SEO for e-commerce businesses. One point that sticks out in particular is the need to promote social sharing. The only way to get the word out about your products and services is to reach a large percentage of your target audience. In the past, “word of mouth” was the effective means of marketing, today social sharing is the easiest way for one consumer to share new information with several consumers all at once. By incorporating social sharing buttons on your company website, you’re ultimately encouraging your social media users to share the information.

Strategies such as search engine optimization and social media marketing should be a large part of your internet marketing plan to reach your target audience. As you can imagine, technological advancements and internet rules and regulations change all the time making it necessary for businesses to keep up with the trends that will reach their potential consumers. If you’re having a hard time in incorporating your social media and SEO efforts to work for the betterment of your brand, working with professional marketing organizations is ideal for staying ahead of the game and relevant in this ever evolving digital world we live in.

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