Unique Start-Up Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Sales Skills

Some people are gifted at sales. It’s a talent that is hard to quantify, but it generally involves being personable, credible and tenacious. If these skills are in your repertoire and you’re keen to break new ground, here are a couple of unique start-up ideas for entrepreneurs with sales skills.

Natural Health and Beauty

The health and beauty industries have always been big business, with customers constantly seeking the latest to improve their looks and wellbeing. But what about a natural approach?

Recent years have seen people looking for more natural alternatives to better themselves, from natural home-cleaning products that are free of chemicals to nature-based deodorants and beauty products.

For an entrepreneur with sales skills, this creates a great opportunity: an industry that’s always in demand but needs a new approach. There are a number of companies who cater to this, providing start-up business models and products for their customer service representatives to sell. The representative acts as their own business, creating client leads and generating sales and their own income with the support of a big brand.


Over recent years, telecommunications has consistently proven one of the greatest growth sectors, and it makes sense. Households, industry and the corporate world all depend on reliable, affordable telecommunications to conduct business, stay in touch and be part of the modern world.

These days, being a telecommunications provider is no longer just the domain of the big boys thanks to companies such as Telcoinabox. Using their connections with brands such as Telstra wholesale, these companies are able to offer entrepreneurs the chance to become small telcos – supplying internet and phone connections, and servicing their own clientele. For a sales-minded individual, this is a great start-up that sees you generate customer leads, supply products and provide customer service, all while enjoying the ongoing revenue.


Many an entrepreneur has advice or a service to offer the greater public, from business mentoring to parenting, cleaning tips and organising. If you have something to provide people, why not sell yourself? After all, what better brand is there to believe in and market? This can be done via blogging, a website or face-to-face consulting.

If you have specialised skills in human resources, information technology, business, social media or public relations, you can even market yourself to larger corporations or host paid seminars.

It’s an increasing trend that businesses will bring in an outside expert to give a fresh approach to the company rather than employ a member of staff to fill that role. And, with the right skills, the financial benefits to both the entrepreneur and their clientele can be very real. That’s not to mention the lifestyle benefits of working when and where you choose.

Ultimately, most professions rely on some sort of sales, whether it’s physical products or niche services. How and where you put these skills to use is a matter of choice, but tenacity and commitment can really pay off in just about any circumstances. What kind of start-up have you thought about starting with your sales skills? Share in the comments below.

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