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rankgoogleGoogle Trend is perhaps one of the most comprehensive search engine optimization tools that you can use in your marketing campaign. Google describes the service as one that combines all the web searches that are made across all the domains in Google to give you a more accurate number of searches that were made on a particular term or keyword. From the Google Trend properties, you will be able to view data that may range from product search, searched images, web searches and news search. Online marketers and SEO optimists can essentially use Google Trend as a unique and useful tool for their website optimization campaigns.

Leveraging on Google Trend for SEO

The Google Trends provides you a significant tool to leverage your SEO strategy especially in determining the performance of your keywords on search. This can become a useful tool for your paid search campaign or when you embark on a marketing campaign targeting to land your web page on the search engine result page. With the data that you obtain from the Google Trend you will be able to understand the value of your keyword and to determine the market opportunity for your business services or products. You will find graphs that will indicate the peak and drop on the flow of searches that are made on your target keyword for SEO. A declining line will indicate that there is decreasing search interest about your keyword.

Interpreting the latest trend for your business

As you embark on your marketing efforts in order to work out in ranking your site in Google, the Google Trend provides you a wealth of information where you can get some inspirations in order to optimize your SEO campaigns. You will find several categories that are available based on trending topics which include business and politics, nature and science, shopping, sports, entertainment, travel and leisure. The tool can provide you a great deal of data to play around with in order to optimize your search engine optimization tactics by learning the latest trend on various aspects that are relevant to your SEO campaigns like building content, keyword research, creating news and location targeting and link building.

Using Google Trend for research

You can in fact use these four parameters when making your research using the Google Trend:

1.       Web research – you can perform various searches such as images, news and products search.

2.       Time line research – you can make a research according to a specified time like within the last 24 hours, 7 days, one month, six months or a specific year.

3.       Worldwide research – you can conduct a research by country or region.

4.       Category research – there are many categories to search for which will be relevant to your niche.

You may likewise use the Google Trend for researching about your competitors. By entering your competitor’s company name on search you can easily compare the number of searches made to your company as against that of your competitors. It is also possible to know which key phrases were used to search about your company online giving you a better insight on which keyword that your company niche fares well.

How to build content using Google Trends

One of the strongest points about using Google Trend is its ability to enhance your content marketing schemes. Using the tool, you will be able to know which content that the search engine users are actively looking for. From the search box you can type a specific search term. You will find related search terms from the result that may be relevant to your niche. You can even see from the map which country is highly interested about your keyword phrase. You can further dig in on your search by clicking on a country to reveal which region and city that use your chosen search terms.

From your search you can derive significant lead on what content to write about according to the keyword search result as provided by the Google Trends. The tool also gives breakout terms that predict the next possible hot trend topics on Google. Start writing content and optimize it using the hottest keyword from the Google Trend.

News Jacking to optimize SEO using Google Trend

SEO professionals, bloggers and webmasters are eyeing the value of Google Trend in helping them inject some newsworthy item on their website. You can use the hot searches from the tool in order to identify the latest trending topic, breaking news and the latest media coverage about certain subjects that may be relevant to your business. The latest news update certainly can go viral in the social media communities and among web users and this can add some value to your website. If you cannot find the latest hot search, you can in fact create your own trending topic that can lure more readers to your content. Blog about it and promote your topic on various social media sites to make it a trending topic.

Using Google Trend for Video SEO

The Google Trend added the YouTube data on its analytics search engine algorithm which is highly beneficial among video marketers. Publishers of videos can obtain information about the latest trend on YouTube that can help them to optimize their video SEO undertakings. You can find useful search terms that you can add in optimizing your video for SEO such as using the proper title tags and descriptions. To use the Google Trend for researching the proper search term for video, enter the keyword and change the web search to YouTube search.

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