Useful Tips on How to Start a Successful KJ Career

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that everyone loves karaoke – if not to sing then to be within this incredibly exciting, inspiring atmosphere with people sharing their emotions, feelings and energy while singing their favorite songs. First appeared in 1970s in Japan, karaoke singing has quickly spread and become extremely popular all over the world. It’s quite easy to back this statement up – just look around your circle and you will definitely find at least one karaoke club or restaurant where karaoke nights are quite frequent and popular.

If you love music, karaoke singing and enjoy working with people, then you should really think of becoming a karaoke jockey. This job promises to become both rewarding and fun for you. In fact, a karaoke jockey, also called as a KJ or karaoke DJ, is a person who plays and manages songs for a venue. However, the KJ’s mission doesn’t come down to managing singers queue and then announcing song titles and singers. Actually, he or she is responsible for the whole fun and excitement of a karaoke event.

It’s rather interesting, but many professional karaoke jockeys don’t treat it as work at all, but rather as a favorite pastime delivering them a substantial monthly income. If you find that your current job no longer brings you enough satisfaction, it’s high time to create the new one just out of your favorite hobby. Indeed, karaoke entertainment provides a remarkable opportunity to start your own business and make good money while spending your time in a pleasurable and cheerful way.

Do you wonder what actually makes a good karaoke DJ? As with any other business, the success of a karaoke jockey job depends on a complex of various different factors. This material contains some useful tips that will guide you in the right direction and help you start a really successful and lucrative KJ career. Well, let’s start!

Choose Multifunctional KJ Software

The first and perhaps most important step is getting the right tools at hand to run your karaoke shows efficiently. Just like any other job, karaoke business also requires that you are professionally equipped or, in other words, have a powerful computer or laptop with a professional karaoke system installed. Fortunately, bulky and rather costly karaoke machines have already become the thing of the past, while modern karaoke software solutions firmly took their place as a more powerful, functional and cost-efficient alternative.

Actually, there are plenty of various karaoke programs and applications available on the market today – some solutions are created for karaoke amateurs to use at home, while others are specifically designed with professional karaoke entertainment business needs in mind. KJ computer systems come typically fully packed with everything you may need to emcee your karaoke parties and make them unforgettable.

From an intuitive, user-friendly interface you will be able to play karaoke songs and videos of virtually any format just from your laptop, find quickly any necessary song from your database, keep singer queue in order, announce next singers quickly and accurately, manage singer history, track song slips and even change the key and tempo of any song to adjust its pitch to suit perfectly the singer’s voice – all in a rather easy, fast and hassle-free manner.

Create a Song Database

Having a huge songs collection is essential for every professional karaoke jockey. You should take special care about this aspect and prepare an extensive selection of karaoke songs to choose from. As you certainly know, tastes differ, that’s why your database should have songs of different styles and genres as well as from different periods to match karaoke singers of all ages with any musical preferences.

Amaze with Creative Karaoke Clips

It’s not a secret, people always seek for new experience and impressions. That’s why, you should make your karaoke songs as unique and extraordinary as possible to amaze your singers and deliver them an unmatched singing pleasure. Create karaoke videos for various world’s hits together with snazzy graphics and awesome special effects. The modern karaoke field also provides sophisticated, powerful karaoke track and video creators that offer multiple remarkable customization opportunities to make you a real karaoke guru. As a KJ you need to ensure that your karaoke shows look sophisticated and sound great.

Share Your Experience

It is definitely helpful to go online and reach Web networks, associations of like-minded KJs around the Globe to share your experience. This can be an excellent opportunity to find out more about the latest karaoke trends, recent technical innovations and foreign karaoke traditions, get fresh ideas and useful tips, so that to enliven your karaoke parties adding them a completely new level of fun and excitement as well as to surprise your singers.

To sum up, karaoke entertainment field is a rather lucrative work environment to start a career. A powerful computer KJ system, extensive song selection and custom-created karaoke videos backed by your individual showmanship and on-stage charisma will be definitely rewarded. Just take your time to use all your creativity, and you will definitely achieve real success in your KJ career, while your club or bar will get the reputation of a karaoke paradise with fabulous shows.

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Post by Christopher Mayson – a community manager at PowerKaraoke, a company specializing in karaoke software creation with one of its principal KJ products – Siglos Karaoke Professional.

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Christopher Mayson - a community manager at PowerKaraoke, a company specializing in karaoke software creation with one of its principal KJ products - Siglos Karaoke Professional.

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