Using SEO For Reputation Management

Google and other search engines do what they can to keep personal, sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and signatures out of search results. But for a company looking to minimize negative content about their brand and mitigate the effects of adverse reviews or slander, sometimes the best option is to utilize search engine optimization services that can cleanse a sullied brand of disinformation. And this is important, for just as employers can withhold jobs from candidates whose names turn up negative search engine results, so too can consumers turn their backs on a brand whose reputation has been managed poorly. Here are a few ways you can begin managing your company’s brand reputation via SEO tactics:

Create positive content regarding your brand—A good amount of what SEO has to offer you is about repetition—getting optimal keywords out there and tying them to your brand in abundance. When search engines observe your company’s name arising often enough it will be seen more and if this content is positive it will help to counteract any negative content that may be out there. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to manage your brand’s reputation is create an ongoing flow of positive content on blogs, social media sites, social news aggregators, and other online destinations.

Work on building a brand hub—This is a multi-step process with SEO at its heart. The idea is to maximize the affect of your company’s positive search engine results. The first step is to create an online hub and claim your domain name. Make every page, tab and header on this hub about your company, which will attract search spiders. Create good outgoing and incoming links to your content. Make sure these links are integrated into popular social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, which rank very highly in search engines. Finally, create as much fresh content as you possibly can. Like pop culture, search engines love the next newest thing!

Call in the big guns: reputation management services—Reputation management services are used to create fair and balanced public personas for brands and companies and to protect them from damaging user generated content. Studies have shown that web surfers are more likely to click negative search results before they click on potentially positive ones, making it beneficial to ‘scrub’ search engines in order to minimize the reach of negative content.

A brand dealing with a particularly detrimental PR situation will likely want to utilize a variety of tactics and will usually benefit from SEO consulting. On the whole, managing a brand’s reputation online is a complex process that fluctuates according to changing algorithms and social media trends. But that’s not to suggest that you can’t make powerful moves by accelerating your positive content, increasing the reach of that content, and utilizing reputation management services where applicable.

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