Utilize Online Marketing to Increase Revenue

E-commerce has grown over the last 5 years by 13% each year, making it a sales trend that no business can afford to ignore. The increase has changed the face of online marketing so that any business, be it big or small, has to step up their game when it comes to internet presence in order to remain competitive.

If your business offers direct products or services to clients and customers you need to make sure your website has a strong online presence. Without a strong online presence the company will not be able to fully capitalize on the expanding e-commerce market.

There are three important factors to expanding business online:

  1. Link Building
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Expanding revenue

There is no need to hit the internet or the books to try and learn how to utilize this marketing strategy yourself. There are companies for hire that will do the hard work for your business so that you can focus on operations as usual; for instance, look into the marketing New York companies have to offer in particular – they really excel in expanding these 3 factors of expanding online business.

Link Building

Link building is what gives websites credibility. Some even compare links to the internet version of currency. Like a business, the currency has to flow both in and out of the site. Part of the link building process is about networking, finding relevant sources to partner with that are willing ot link back to your products and services. Likewise, your own site just have relevant links going out. A good link building network will increase the number of search engine hits your site gets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO writing is a specialized style of writing designed specifically for the internet. Good SEO writing uses one or two keywords that are often looked for in searches as anchors for your web content, but SEO goes beyond that. Search engines also look for media (such as videos or images) and links. SEO content flawlessly utilizes these methods without hindering the importance of the content.

This method is also directly related to link building, since the pages often contain links to relevant information and sites that support the content. Both link building and SEO go hand in hand with each other.

Expanding Revenue

Many of the marketing companies that offer these services have a record for success. The link building and SEO work put into the website generates more hits from search engines, thus expanding the revenue the business brings in. Higher hits generate higher sales. Businesses that did SEO in-house set an increase between 20-40%. Businesses that hired marketing companies to do the SEO for them experienced anywhere between 50-110% increase. These numbers alone show the importance of using search engines to meet your own ends. Whether done in-house for a small increase or hired professionals do it for you, the number clearly show the benefits of using link building and SEO to increase potential revenue.

When looking into online marketing services, be aware of what to look for. While you don’t need to do the heavy lifting yourself, knowing what to look for in those who will be hired to do it for you is important. No matter what you choose just remember that if your site isn’t seen, you aren’t taking advantage of your potential market. Don’t forget the power of social media either. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, there are a number of social media outlets that your business should also be using to get your company in front of as many potential clients as possible.

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