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There are very few investment advisors or companies that I can really trust for their opinion, much less with my money. I work in the chemicals sector, a highly specialized market that does not have a great deal of expertise outside of the people who actually run the business. Blind speculation simply does not work within our market and any general investment company that tries usually ends up on the short end of the stick.

Enter the Valence Group, an investment organization that specializes in the chemicals and materials sectors of the economy. Finally I have someone that I can talk to in my language about my sector. Because of their specialization, I do not have to worry about general speculation about the market in general getting in the way of real, sound investment advice for the long term within my sector of expertise.

If you have not checked out the Valence group for yourself, the news feed on their website is well worth the price of admission (just a little bit of your time). On top of that, they are very open with the news about their own company, which is quite rare for an investment firm of any type. However, when you are dealing with an industry that is as small as and specialized as the chemical industry, I guess it helps to be as transparent as possible, because people talk.

I highly recommend the Valence Group for all of your investment needs inside of the chemicals sector.

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