Warning! Spies are in Your Business: 3 Ways to kick them out

With many companies, having core concepts of business plans and strategies revealed to outsiders can lead to serious trouble. And with the advancement of technology, I don’t think any company would say it can survive with its secret in the hands of competitors. But the unfortunate fact is that many companies today are still losing important information to their competitors, and are unable to detect how.

Nothing can be more responsible for this than a spy, and sadly this spy might not be a human being. When one is fighting to kick out spies off one’s business, there are precautious ways to go about it in order to keep things going smoothly. And when the spy happens to be a bot, it becomes more precarious.

Below are some safe ways to kick spies out of your business.

Use a Reliable Antivirus

Installing an antivirus program on the computers on your company’s network should be the first and foremost thing to do with your computers. Without an antivirus on a computer, it would be easy for viruses that carry information and spywares to get in and send your data to hackers who can sell it to your competitors.

Some factors can determine how easy it would be for a system without an antivirus to have viruses come into them, and those factors are how much of files you exchange with other systems and the computer being connected to the internet.

Norton and AVG are a good choice for users. Both of them can be downloaded for free from their developers’ websites.

Be At Alert: Always Monitor Your Computers

Monitoring your computers is a perfect way to stay at alert. Monitor how your staffs handle the information that you have on your computers.  Sometimes, staffs might just be careless about the way they treat important information, especially when they are not knowledgeable in the field the information pertains to.

How do you monitor your computers?

You can get complete and accurate details of whatever is been done on the computers in your company’s network if you have a program like Webwatcher or Verisign installed on each computer in your network. While these programs come at a fee, you can reduce cost by using Webwatcher discounts and Verisign coupon respectively.

Use Firewall

Firewalls help prevent the occurrence of eavesdropping on a computer that is equipped with it. Many modern day computers are now having firewall installed on them, through their operating systems. But it’s still rampant that some people usually remove the firewall on their computer because of the inconvenience they experience when it downloads updates from the internet.

Using a firewall on your computer is a preventive measure against the intrusion of spywares that can easily gain access to unprotected computers. If you computers do not have a firewall installed on each of them, you can download one for each of them on you OS manufacturer’s website.

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