Web Graphic Design Trends To Ensure Traffic

While making an effort to try and follow the trends this 2014 can be counterproductive to creating original products, designers must know recurring features influencing the business at any given time without submitting to blind imitation. After all, businesses like to work with designers that offer them styles that will be cutting edge when they are used on their pages to drive more traffic.

Geometric Style

This design is a mixture of minimalism and experimentation with basic shapes. At their best, these are attractive not only from the boldness of patterns, but likewise from the color schemes used. This is on the rise now because of the birth of info graphics. These engaging clients by luring them to move their eyes throughout the entire image, and not just scroll down pages. The key is balancing the colors with neutral shapes mixed with strategic dashes of bright colors. Make sure that even if you use geometric patterns for your pages, your content is still the focus.


Sophistication and cleanliness is what many professional companies are looking for. Large, simple graphics can do all the talking for lengthy texts, bold typography directs a client’s attention to the most important content. Most businesses have found stripping back their logos improve their versatility by being to be applied over diverse surfaces. This trend has just grown over the past few years and is evident in web design courses.

Font Style and Size

Most graphic designers are compiling their personal letterforms from modular construction kits, usually coming from hybrid types that mix several elements in a good and attractive fashion. These stylish fonts can complement the content and the entire page. Handwritten type is yet another technique that adds unique personality to contrast with slick digital style this year.

Vintage Design

Many artists are using vintage and found objects into modern designs, while some are making the aesthetic choice of making brand new styles appear old or classic. Mixed with a trend towards art deco, thus can be referred to as the Instragram effect.

Color Schemes

Neon is now out to favor bold and vibrant shades. Huge, transparent blocks of colors with contrasting hues are quite popular.


Most designers are mixing original hand drawn illustrations into styles as a mode of unique expression, making it more difficult to copy than digital work. Also, illustrators are becoming more artistic and multidisciplinary by fusing their handmade and digital work with photography or animations to improve their versatility and make brand new, boundary pushing masterpieces. This works perfectly well for pages that feature video games.

These are just some of the most pervasive trends affecting the business that web owners and designers should be aware of but as always, the smart one will zig when the rest zag to invent future trend.

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