WebStartToday: An Indispensable Website Builder Tool For Creating Online Presence

It is the season of the do-it-yourself website builders. Their ease of use, ubiquity, and cost effectiveness has made them one of the most used tools in the website design process. Webstarttoday.com is one of the refined DIY website builders available online. This review is going to focus on the key and influential aspects of this tool in order to determine whether it is a worthy tool to use.


Webstarttoday.com allows users to create a custom design website in a matter of minutes. You can have your site up and running, the same day you start the construction project. It is designed to be easy to use meaning that you do not need any technical knowledge or experience in designing a website. It has a wide range of features it offers to users building websites. Some of these are offered for free while others are a part of the affordable billing plan the website offers. When you sign up, you have thirty days before you host your site and pay for it. This window allows you to check out the features of this builder before committing to a payment plan. The free trial grants you access to some of its diverse design options and features.


Ease of use

The majority of small business owners do not have technical experience in designing websites. They also do not have the budget to hire a professional to do it for them. They have to build their own websites using their limited knowledge in computers. Webstarttoday.com is making this a reality. This platform is easy to use as it does not need an understanding of coding or web design elements. The content management system provided for the website that you create makes it exceptionally easy to manage the content on your website. In order to aid those without much experience in web design matters, they provide a guiding tool that will provide instructions on how to complete the process. Building a professional looking website could not be any simpler than this.

Point and click editing

Webstarttoday.com employs a point and click editing interface. This makes it exceptionally easy to use and ensures that you do not have to know any complex coding or web design commands to execute your desires on the website. The point and click interface means that editing the website is as simple as moving your cursor over the part of the website you want edited and selecting it. This makes the entire process visual, which makes for a better web design experience than the coding experience. It also means that you do not have to wait to see how the changes that you have made look.

Wide selection of design templates available in the gallery

A DIY website builder is defined by its ability to provide its users with access to a wealth of website templates and elements on its gallery. On this front, this website builder has had considerable success. They have amassed one of the largest and most impressive web design template galleries available anywhere on the internet. Their designs are not only easy to use but also modern in their design. They are visually appealing and have a wide range of customizable colors you can choose from. They have also created a selection of templates that are specific to certain industries. This allows you to select the template to use based on the nature of your business. Sorting these designs is as simple as entering the type of business, you are marking a website for, and the gallery will do the rest. There are over 72 vertical styles to choose from.

Ability to integrate multimedia content on the website

This builder allows you to embed not just images but also other forms of multimedia content on the website such as videos. It is remarkably easy to embed useful multimedia content onto the pages of your website. You can add graphics, maps, and audio in order to create a world class website.

Integrated SEO optimization

This website builder provides you with access to SEO tools in order to make sure that the website is search engine friendly. The SEO optimization even goes as far as the elements of the website. These are all designed to facilitate easy and complete indexing of your website content by the search engine crawlers. The contents of the pages that you create will be specific to your business’s market niche. All of this increases the overall online visibility of the finished website.

Access to performance and hosting monitoring for your website

You get access to hosting solutions for the finished website that is consistently monitored by the service provider. This means that issues with the website are unlikely to occur. Even where they do occur, you will have access to customer service to rectify the situation instantly. This is immensely useful for the well being and continued strong performance of a business website.

Additionally, you are allowed to integrate Google Analytics into the website. This enables you to monitor the performance of the website in an in depth and responsive manner. Analytical tools help you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the finished website and ensure that your investment pays off. The insights you get on web traffic to the website, visitor views, click through rates, and more will ensure that you have the competitive edge. The value of this information will be seen in the quality of the online marketing decisions that you make.

Domain based email accounts and robust customer service

The domain name you use to setup your business email accounts goes a long way in determining your professional credibility as a company. That is why this DIY website builder enables you to use your company name as a domain name for your email accounts. The setup process for these email accounts is guided and simplified so no need to worry if you’ve never set one up before.

The hallmark of a good website builder is ease of access and robustness of the customer care service. On this front, webstarttoday.com does not disappoint. They have live chat, email support, forums, knowledge database, and a help center. You can also use the website dashboard to create a support ticket which guarantees that your issue will be resolved in the next forty eight hours.

Inclusive pricing model

The pricing model that webstarttoday.com use is designed to ensure that every level of financial ability is catered for. If you are financially pressed, you can get a free website for an entire year. The website will be provided on a sub domain on the hosting server, but that does not reduce the quality of service you get. There is also a monthly pricing plan where you get a rolling month to month subscription and a yearly plan. A unique feature of their pricing plan is that you can get them to build the site for you at a fee.


There is only one drawback I found at its slight at best. Personal domain names are only available for free as a sub domain for one year.


An easy to use, affordable, and exceptionally robust platform; I would recommend it to everyone.

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