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  1. AdrienneSmith
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    Wow Richard, I had no idea about some of these other sites or services.  I’m not into investing, stocks, funding, etc.  I claim to be pretty ignorant in a lot of those specific areas.  Now Fiverr I am aware of and have used people’s services there for projects I needed done and didn’t know how to do myself.  But I know you’re suggesting it for different uses.  

    1. richescorner
      richescorner at | | Reply

       @AdrienneSmith I just love that there are so many social tools out there now to help people with all sorts of personal finance.  Fiverr is great if you have a small gig to offer.  I see people offer gigs all the time that is automated by software, so it takes very little time, or they sell an info product such as an e-book as a gig.  It seems like an awesome way to make a little extra cash.

  2. Tom
    Tom at | | Reply

    That is an awesome post. I have always enjoyed investing…but been a little hesitant about the whole lending thing. 

    1. richescorner
      richescorner at | | Reply

      I love social lending.  I feel like I have the opportunity to make money the same way that banks do by lending to people.  Also, the minimum investment is low so I’m not risking a lot of money.  And I feel like I get a lot of information simply by seeing the way people answer the questions, which often is more informative than the answer itself.  

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