What if You Can’t Afford Health Insurance Just Yet?

With all the types of diseases and illnesses we hear, it’s just a matter of time before we start evaluating our own health condition and determining whether or not we’re medically prepared in case sickness befalls us.

To people who already have their own insurance policy, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. But for Filipinos who are not enrolled in any, the challenge to reduce medical expense is real. Add this to the fact that not all people are capable of managing the financial responsibilities that comes with an insurance policy.

If you’re still working on saving money, then it’s vital that you find ways to minimize medical expenses in general. Below are suggestions anyone can try out to help deal with the costly insurance policies.

Get a full or part-time job that covers for your insurance.

Paying for your personal health insurance is impossible if your finances are unstable. Good thing is, there are employers who cover this for you. Find a job with specific health care coverage and pay for your insurance at a regular basis. It might also help to verify the insurance company whom they chose to partner with.

The more reliable the insurance provider is the better.

Avail of free government healthcare services.

The Philippine government offers free health service through PhilHealth and any Filipino citizen, granted that he submits all the necessary documents are allowed to avail of this benefit. The coverage may not be as personalized and wide like premium insurance in the Philippines. However, considering that it’s free, the service is ultimately beneficial.

Get to know those reliable mini-clinics in your area.

Hospital admittance costs a lot not just because you’re paying for the doctors and nurses’ expertise but also the hospital bed or room you occupy. Staying inside for a couple of days could accumulate significant bill which might be difficult for non-insured individuals to pay.

Visiting public and private clinics could at least give you initial medication. Aside from their lesser cost, they are also more accessible.

Consider the non-prescription alternatives over prescription ones.

Medicines prescribed by doctors for health reasons need to be taken at a regular basis. However, this does not mean that there are no alternatives. If you’re tight with your budget, you are welcome to try out those non-prescription drugs from your local pharmacies. They are cheaper and at the same time easier to acquire.

Just make sure you tell the pharmacist the specifics of your needs. Unless a doctor specifically warns you from taking over-the-counter drugs, alternative options generally work well.

Allocate money for savings.

There’s no easy way out here. If you wish to enroll in an insurance service, then saving for it is necessary. Different packages have varied price range and coverage so if you choose to go for premium, then that would mean bigger cost.

Paying for this can be difficult if your source of income is not enough to pay for all the financial responsibilities you have in a month. To reduce the strain, it’s better to take debts out of the equation and start building up your savings.

Strive to stay healthy.

Above all the things we have on this list, the most efficient method remains to be your personal commitment to stay healthy. There is no better alternative than to personally take care of yourself by sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re healthy, then you don’t have any reasons to fear frequent visits to the hospital. More importantly, staying fit doesn’t require so much. In fact, bad lifestyle which usually includes regular alcohol drinking, smoking and eating too much is even more costly!

Other tips to make the best out of your insurance policy

Let’s say for example you managed to save enough money to enroll. The next question is: Are you capable of committing to its regular payment? As you ponder on this question, here are tips that would come in handy.

  • Choose an affordable plan that covers the most necessary hospitalization issues
  • Verify the mode of payment
  • Understand the terms and conditions included in the policy
  • Get the specifics of what is covered and what not.


Having problems with health insurance expense is shared by many people. You’re not alone in the struggle to continue paying for an existing policy or saving for your plan in availing the service. Don’t force yourself to enroll if you don’t have the resource to keep up with the necessities.

Use the suggestions we have on this list and work on beefing up your savings. There’s only so much you can do with your current finances and any additional obligation may only be a burden sooner than later.

Weigh your options well, take care of your health and save!

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