What It Takes to Run a Campground

Running a campground requires a great deal of work. You have to be sure the campers are kept happy so they recommend your site to others and want to keep coming back themselves. With a reservation system in place, clean grounds, a family-friendly atmosphere, and plenty of offerings, you’ll have what you need for a successful business that campers look forward to being a part of every year. 

Managing Reservations

Campgrounds can see hundreds if not thousands of campers come through their sites in one season. Having a proper reservation management system is a huge help to ensure no two sites get booked for the same day, resulting in angry campers and one family who can’t stay if all other sites are full. The right campground management software allows managers to access information directly from their mobile phones. They can check on reservations, set promotions, manage money, and more. 

Keeping the Grounds Clean

Ground maintenance is an important part of running a campground. Grounds overrun with tall grass and weeds are not going to look appealing to campers. They want to be able to walk and explore without having to worry about overgrown plants and potentially poisonous ones. Managers should be sure to handle ground maintenance regularly to keep all sites looking nice and clean. Those who do not have the time to handle this task themselves can hire a groundskeeper to get the work done.

Making it Family-Friendly…Or Not

Some campgrounds choose not to offer a family-friendly atmosphere. It is meant for adults only as a chance for them to get away from everyday life and spend time relaxing. If this is the way you want to go, that is fine. Alcohol may be allowed. No playgrounds are in sight. Adults simply get the chance to enjoy themselves. On the other hand, a family-friendly atmosphere can be great for those who do want to camp with their kids in tow. Having playgrounds available, a jump pad, and other entertainment sources give children something to do. This is also a way to provide some relaxation time for the adults as the kids are busy enjoying the offerings. A family camping trip can have a lot of benefits. 

Deciding on Offerings

Choosing to make the campground family-friendly or not is one way to help decide on offerings. Additional offerings may include a camp store stocked with all the necessary camp supplies. Anyone who forgets to bring something along can pick it up from the camp store once they arrive. A section of pinball machines and arcade games could be a great offering as well, giving both kids and adults a place to play and unwind if they want to get away from the physical activities offered. Should there be one playground or multiple? The size of the campground has a lot to do with this choice. A swimming pool is one offering that many campers enjoy, giving everyone at the site something to occupy their time on hot days. 

State parks make great campground sites because of all there is to do and see, but private campgrounds don’t tend to fill up as fast unless they’re really popular. Keep your campground well-maintained and running smoothly as often as possible and it will quickly make it on the list of places to go during the summer. Managing a campground can be tough, but with the right management team, the job can get done well to keep campers coming back for more. 


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