What Powerball Winners Do with Their Money

The US lotto giant often makes the headlines for its ginormous jackpots that could change anyone’s life in the split of a second. And, some people do get lucky and cash in the whole pie, or a slice of it! What do they do afterwards? How does their life turn out? Are they are as happy as we would think? What do they invest their money in?

Here are just a few questions we have asked ourselves and tried to find answers for by analyzing some winners’ story. Let’s take a look at them!

Leaky Roof

Charity is at the core of human nature, and lottery winners excel at it. Maybe the sudden windfall makes them feel generous, or maybe they have always been charitable at heart, but only now have the means to act upon it. The lucky Florida resident, Gloria MacKenzie, who cashed in the largest Powerball prize – $590.5 million, donated to various causes, including to fixing the leaky roof of the school in her native town.

Besides, Gloria MacKenzie shared her sudden fortune with her family, and splurge on a sea view villa in Jacksonville for herself. The 86 year old woman by now kept away from the public eye most of the time.

Wrestling TV show

Jay Vargas has always appreciated the beauty of women, while his favorite sport is wresting. When, in 2008, he became the youngest Powerball winner, he knew on the spot what he will do with the money: he created his own TV show – Wrestlicious.

July 4th Fireworks

Patrick Nowlin discovered he was a Powerball jackpot winner on April 1st. You can imagine his surprise when he realized that instead of a prank, he got a true windfall! Among many other charitable donations, he sponsored the July 4th fireworks held by the city hall of his town of residence. Interviewed by the Daily Beast, Nowlin explained how he made sure that his family is taken care of, and only then thought of various other investments.

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