What Should Be Included on a Consumer Data List?

Targeted direct marketing is one of the most successful ways to reach consumers and as times get tougher marketers are undoubtedly returning to consumer mailing lists because they can provide some much-needed new business.

Some businesses shy away from direct mail in favour of online marketing. However, direct mail and consumer mailing lists remain powerful marketing tools, which are almost certain to provide a business with valuable new customers.

Email may be cheaper, but nothing beats opening a professional-looking letter, correctly addressed and containing a relevant marketing message on crisp white paper, personally signed. In fact, the vast majority of consumers are happy to receive information in the post that is specifically targeted at them.

Targeted Messaging

The use of tailored mailing lists can dramatically increase the chance of a positive response. This is especially true for opt-in mailing lists, where consumers choose to receive marketing material from specific companies.

There are several places, such as the TDO site, that will provide affordable and accurate consumer mailing lists. Obtaining such a list from a reputable company will offer you the peace of mind of knowing all ICO and DMA guidelines about data usage and opt-in consent have been followed.

To ensure the mailing material is targeted, there are numerous selections that can be overlaid to ensure your message gets right in front of the relevant person. Many companies hold vast amounts of data, such as what people actually buy, what channel they use, how much they spend and what motivates them to make a purchase.

Key Consumer Lists

Numerous different selections can be made to help create your mailing list. Consumers can be grouped according to profession, income, age and geographic location. A multitude of other data can be taken into account, including information about home owners, iPad and iPhone marketing data, vehicle make and model, mobile phone use, insurance policies, the over 50s, mail order customers, utility switchers, those planning wedding, home workers and much more.

You can also be assured that lists you purchase from a reputable company will be fully cleaned. You need to ensure you are not mailing those people who have explicitly stated that they don’t want to receive marketing messages. In addition, many consumers move home each year, meaning that many pieces of direct mail are incorrectly addressed. An up-to-date list ensures that is not a problem.

If you are using direct marketing to reach existing or new customers, the quality and accuracy of your data needs to be spot on to achieve the best possible results. It is important to invest in data cleansing and quality lists from a reputable company. Don’t be tempted to cut costs by using out-of-date lists or buying in cheap, poorly targeted databases.

Direct mail may seem old-fashioned, but it is proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool.

Sarah Phillips runs a direct marketing agency. She has been writing for websites and print media for over ten years. Sarah uses sources such as the TDO site to keep abreast of developments in the direct marketing industry.

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