What Should You Do If You Get A Faulty Product?

Nobody’s perfect. We all know from experience that the daily routines of humans across the world can cause potential human errors in manufacturing, medicine, engineering, consulting, financial investing, and many more. The more that we understand about the reality of imperfection, the happier that we will be in understanding that the solution of problems are often jump-started by action.

Whether the consumer is taking action or the company that is providing to good or service is taking preventive action, problems that occur in trade can be rectified with a little understanding of situational decision-making.

I have received many faulty products in my life – from technology and kitchware to construction and food products, everything in the world is subject to imperfection. If you encounter a faulty product or food product there are a couple of essential steps you must take in order to efficiently rectify the problem.

What Should You Do?

Step 1: Contact the Retailer – If you have a faulty product that you realize is a faulty device before using the item; make sure that you contact the retailer or manufacturer directly with the problem. Most larger companies have great quality control measures to ensure that products delivered to customers are in the best standard quality condition. In the cases of a mistake, many retailers such as Wal-mart will simply return the item and give you your money back. If the retailer is a specialty store, you may have to go through the manufacturer, which does cause more headaches on your end, but may result in gift cards or other compensation due to consumer troubles. Most manufacturers want the best service possible, so speaking with a manager able to compensate you on future business may be an option if you receive a faulty product.

Step 2: Understand the Guarantee – If a product has a 30 day money back guarantee, you are legally able to return the product to the retail store or manufacturer in the case of a faulty design of application of the product – if the product does not live up to the standards. Many consumers will run a product into the ground with usage and then claim that the product does not work 3 months after usage. Make sure that you read the fine print located on the product or device to better understand your statute of limitation and return.

Statue of Limitation – The law will only protect you for so long. If a product states that you must replace after 5 years, or even says that all warranties and safety measures provided through the device or product only last a certain amount of time, you cannot return or sue a company if their product fails or breaks after the statute of limitation is up. For example, many people will use a device like a fall protection harness in construction applications for 20 years before replacing and it will fail, causing serious injury or death – the company will then attempt to blame the manufacturer of the equipment in the pursuing lawsuit. Make sure that faulty products are returned or filed against during the required statute of limitation.

Preserve Evidence and Stop Using Product – If you’re going to file bankruptcy, it’s not a smart move to continue charging items on your card right before filing a Chapter 7 because it may affect your eligibility in successfully eliminating your debt. The same situation applies to faulty products. If a product is broken, unsafe, and faulty, using the device may show negative in your ability for future compensation in a lawsuit, as well as your ability to retain a refund for the product. If your food tastes bad at a restaurant, yet you eat the entire meal and complain afterwards, your chances at a refund are minimal. Make sure you’re not doing the same with faulty products, as it may even affect your future lawsuit against the company of the faulty device if incompetence is shown.

This blog post was written by Matthew Hall from Orlando, Florida. Matthew is a freelance writer and internet marketing consultant. If you or someone you know has been injured by a defective product, he strongly recommends www.Heil-Law.com.

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