What to look for in a translation company?

The world has become smaller with globalization and so has the need for conversing in different languages. These days it is not at all unusual for a business to have clients who speak a completely different language. Various international companies find it difficult to get local employees who speak in English; due to which the need for Indian companies to hire translation services has increased. But choosing the right translation partner to gain a competitive edge is no easy task. If it was then all you would have to do, is simply choose the firm based on the most competitive translation services cost, and make your selection.

However on the contrary you need to be extra careful while making the selection. It is necessary to ensure that the translator will be able to convey the right essence and meaning of all your documents. Nonetheless as it is in another language and as it takes a lot of time to grasp a new language, you can never be certain and really know by yourself that they are using the correct terminology. So the only thing you can do is be careful and keep various critical factors in mind, while opting for a translation service.

Here are few important things to look for which can help you choose the right translation company-

Who is doing the translation?

It is necessary to keep in mind here that only a native speaker can offer a proper translation. Every language will have certain terms and phrases, which need to be spoken with a specific sensitivity and subtly pertaining to that country to actually get the message across. Make sure that the translators are native speakers of the language you are targeting. It is necessary that the translators who will be working on your projects are not only using their first language, but are also living in that target country, which will help ensure that the content is not only translated, but also localized to the target country. Some companies employ translators, hire freelancers, work with partner organizations, or even have a combination of the above. In this way they have a consistent workflow utilizing the right translators for the right project.

Do they cater to your specific specialty?

While you choose a translation service make sure that it has translators who have worked previously on your specific domain or specialty. For instance an IT firm working with Japanese clients, would ideally want to find translators who not only speak the language fluently, but also have the required knowledge of being able to translate the necessary IT related terms. Finding the right match will ensure you get a high-quality translation, which is precise and matching your original document. Knowledge of your industry is vital for the translator to have, to get high-quality work. You can ensure that the translators assigned to your project, have solid and proven experience in your field, by looking through their resumes and also checking the references.

What type of process is followed?

While you select a translation company, make sure to find out the process they follow for translation. There are some key components that a company needs to offer such as, short turnaround time, good quality, etc. If you are going to have ongoing work with the company then it is necessary they appoint a project manager specifically for your company. A project manager is accountable to tell you about the progress and any other thing related with your projects at the company. The project manager should work with you on an ongoing basis and build familiarity with you, so that they learn more about your business. Finally the company also needs to have proper editing and proofreading steps in place.

What are the reviews?

Check for case studies and testimonials at the company’s website; also ask for references while you are searching for translation companies. By getting to know what others have to say about the company will give you a more realistic picture about the company and most probably a more objective view. References can be a big help in letting you make a decision, especially things like- experience the company has, or what type of relationships it has with its clients. Most importantly if you need translation for a specific and complex specialty, it can give you an accurate idea if you can work with the company. Also longer the company has been working with their clients the better; this is because it demonstrates continued quality and service.

Are there relevant quality checks done?

The quality of the document is the most integral part of the translation process. Find out if the company follows a final quality reading and if it is an essential and regular part of the process. During this step it is important the translation company you choose follows the necessary checks desired by their clients such as- consistent terminology, flow of language, localized translation, correct layout, proper understanding of the specialization, other technical specifications, etc. Be careful of companies that charge different translation services cost for different levels of quality. This is because all the documents included in various projects of a company, should undergo all the steps of editing and proofreading and also a final quality control check before delivery.

Finally keeping the above in mind is essential while choosing a translator, so that you get accurate and efficient translation services, especially as the final translated documents you distribute reflect directly on your company’s image.


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