What Would We Do Without Money?

Pretty much every day of our lives we are using currency in one way or another. Even when we may not be going to the shops with cash in our wallets we will still be using services which need to be paid for and they will almost certainly need to be paid for with money. Without cash, cheques or credit cards or a loan, we would be able to take nothing from a shop and people would be unlikely to offer their services to us if we are unable to pay them. It is said that money makes the world go round and it would be very difficult to imagine life without using any money at all, although we could try to conceive just what life would be like if we used no money at all.


No matter what you may be good at nobody can be good at everything and even if they were, time available to us is very limited. Even though we may be able to focus on making sure we have all we need in one regard, we may still find ourselves lacking very much on other areas. This means that even the most skilled and determined of people would need help at times but without money, how would they recruit this help. One way to encourage somebody to help you out could be to offer or loan them something that they need, such as a product that you produce or maybe some of your time. In a sense it would be almost impossible to escape from using some form of currency because once you begin trading using any product then that product itself becomes a form of currency. Even if we were to do away with money altogether we would still find that an economy would exist that would be easily recognisable as similar to the one that exists today.

Communal Living

Without money, communities may work together with each person working on particular tasks so that the group as a whole has all that they need. Some could focus on construction to ensure everybody has shelter, others on farming, hunting and foraging so everybody is fed and others could focus on cooking and cleaning to help maintain hygiene and standards of living. Early mankind would have lived like this to a degree and although to some it may sound archaic, it is considered by many to be a utopian dream that may be achieved in the future. In some parts of the world there are still some tribes that have yet to have any contact with humans and they also live quite happily without any need for money whatsoever although, granted, they have no shops from which they can buy what they need anyway.

A Different Way of Living

The reality is that if we were to do away with money tomorrow, our lives would change dramatically. Although a new economy would eventually develop, the current economy would collapse and with it large international companies that provide us with so many of our luxuries. It would be unlikely that anybody would be manufacturing TVs, Cars and computers and we would lead a much more basic life than we do now. Shopping malls would become a thing of the past and our larders would contain only food that has been acquired from local traders or even foraged and hunted directly ourselves.

Even if we do eradicate all money tomorrow it is likely that it will resurface in one way or another. People will still look to seek payment for goods or services in one way or another and before long a loan system would also be developed.  Even if we were to do away with money, it is highly unlikely that we could do away with greed and individuals would still look to amass wealth for themselves in one way or another. While some may dream of the utopian society where everybody is equal and nobody is more or less wealthy than others it would seem that plutocracy and capitalism are here to stay for the foreseeable future. At least though for people that are fortunate enough to be making a living for themselves, they can give themselves and their families a good standard of living and a secure future.

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