Why Is It Important To Have A Mobile Website?

Mobile phones are the future of e-commerce, but it is a trend many companies still fail to notice. Fully functional mobile website can help you grow your business and increase the popularity of your brand. Here are few facts to consider for all entrepreneurs, who do not yet have a strong mobile website presence:

Mobile phones are more common than desktop computers

There is over 5 billion mobile phones currently in use. Mobile phones are usually less expensive than laptops and desktop computers, which is the reason why many families cannot afford more than one desktop computer, but use a few mobile phones, one for each member of the family. It is estimated that currently there are three times more mobile phones than desktop computers and even if not all of these mobile phones have an access to the internet (only 19% of all phones are smartphones with a potential access to the internet), the number of active mobile internet users is still overwhelming. According to another research, in 2014 more users connect to the internet via mobile phones than through desktop computers. If you run an online business and want to attract as many customers as possible, this is a fact you simply cannot miss.

The mobile app market is already large and growing

Mobile apps are no longer a niche, but a powerful domain that generates high revenues. Consider this: over 10 billion apps have been already downloaded from the Apple Store. And if you consider apps downloaded from other online stores and offered for free, the number of apps accessed every day by mobile phone users is simply staggering. And it is not all about the money made on the apps: for many online businesses creating a mobile app is the next step that allows them to engage customers more and better promote their brand.

Mobile phones are perfect platforms for social media

Mobile phones provide their users with unique opportunity to be online 24/7, therefore they are perfect tools for social media. Mobile phone users, who follow your social media profiles can learn about the new products in your offer seconds after you have posted the news. It takes only a few more minutes and they can place an order in your online store. Online promotion of your products has never been easier.

Mobile phone users look for improved convenience

However, to convince mobile customers to place an order in your online store, you need to provide them with something more than just a generic design. Mobile internet users have specific demands when it comes to websites and online stores: they are looking for maximum convenience, easy scrolling, clear product page design, large “Buy” buttons and quick checkout. All of this calls for an improved mobile website design, which takes into consideration all of the specific requirements.

The arguments for creating mobile websites are difficult to argue and the numbers speak for themselves. Therefore, if you run online business, creating mobile website is no longer just an option, but a necessity, especially if you want to improve the customer experience and develop your brand. Nowadays mobile website design is offered my many Magento web development companies worldwide.

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