Why is Remote Access to Documents so Important?

These days, it is becoming increasingly important to have a way to access all of your important work documents and files outside the office. Flexible working means that ‘the office’ isn’t necessarily confined to the physical, traditional workspace anymore, as many workers are finding that they can carry out their tasks just as well at home, in a cafe or even on the train. So, why should you get your office rigged up with remote access for your employees?

Firstly, offering flexible working can help you attract a better standard of staff. Working mothers, who may otherwise feel as though they can’t apply for a standard 9-5 office jobs, will appreciate being able to work from home from time to time, and some people with physical disabilities might find it easier to work outside of standard office hours, meaning you will attract a more diverse workforce and be able to capitalise on a different set of skills.

It can also help you avert any crises. For example, when there is a powercut in the office or heavy snow which means nobody can get in, everyone will still be able to carry out their assigned work, meaning you don’t lose time or money. If, say, you have an office in Portsmouth, but many of your staff come from Southampton, get a local IT support company to set up your remote access before winter so that your staff aren’t stranded in another city with no work to do.

People also have different times of day at which they work best. Some people prefer to get up early and get all of their work out of the way first thing, whereas others don’t get into the working mindset until after lunch. By not forcing everyone to work at the same time of day, you should see staff productivity increase as people can choose the best hours for them.

A happy workforce is a workforce which will work better, and many people are now in agreement that some flexibility in their working hours or location would vastly improve the way they feel about their jobs. Also, it will help you if rather than having to take an entire day off to wait for the plumber, a member of staff can simply work from home that day so you don’t lose out on a day’s work.

You will find that office morale improves and you should see everyone working at their optimal level as they work at their own most productive hours, which can only be good for you and your business.

Prudence Smythe believes passionately in offering flexible and supportive working conditions to maximise the potential of your staff

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