Why Loyalty Does Not Pay?

Financial issues are often very much delicate a loyalty is a big factor of worrying almost all the time. Loyalty is any time a great virtue there is no dilemma but when it comes to fiscalmatters it time and again fails to pay.

Generally friends, family members, colleagues and dears people are seemed to be the most loyal people to us however when it is about companies the word does not mean alike.If we talk about the financial institutions and companies they generally take the benefits of regular patrons, out of date techniques and getting on and collegial transaction mostly in case of delicate finance.

There are a number of cases where loyalty does not pay. The most common and well known example is of insurance companies. They keep on increasing their premium invariably even if you are depositing it on time. In most cases the old customers of the insurance companies suffer the most. Basically they nurture very rigid idea that dealing with a company for a long time will automatically lead to a friendly relation with them and the company will serve them the best in times of need. But the reality is quite harsh and the truth is there are millions of excuses for violating loyalty.  However they get their expectations fulfilled but then it costs too high. According to the companies these people are inactive customers of their company and so charging them high is nothing but their penalty for inconsistent behavior.

Credit card policy is another example where a huge violence of loyalty is a common scene. Often the institutions offering the credit card service takes the strategy of hiding information and deliver incomplete information to the customers. It is very challenging to come out from the trap of the credit card service. Other than these, aggressions of loyalty are found in case of loan as well. Whenever it is about loaning it is always better to have detailed information about all the terms and conditions of the banker. However the criteria shown in times of loaning are suitable to the borrower but in the duration of repayment several changes are found in their policy. Therefore, choosing the most reliable institution is a must to avoid any type of disloyalty.

All these are very frequent examples of where loyalty often fails to pay. But have we ever given it a thought why? Is the institution only responsible for the disloyalty? Don’t we have any fault? Definitely, we have. The biggest fault for which we suffer from such problem is blind trust. Most of the times we go through sources, do not go through the deals in details, do not question and if we are in big financial intricacy we take steps without thinking twice. This is why most of the cases loyalty does not pay.

Apart from the consumers’ side, the bankers and other companies also suffer the same problem. They often overlook documents or do not scrutinize in detail mostly if the customer is a regular and old one. There are lot more reasons for which loyalty does not pay and lot more way outs to come over those as well.

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