Why Prestashop is the Ideal e-Commerce Platform for SMBs?

PrestaShop, an open source e-Commerce platform written in PHP, offers a wide range of features. It has been used to create close to 25000 stores and is available in 60 different languages. Strategic partnerships as well as addons pose to be part of the revenue model for this e-Commerce platform.

It supports the different payment gateways, and third party integration is easy with this platform. You can imbibe security within this platform, and create an incredible user experience with defining structure and interface. But, this does not define why PrestaShop is the ideal e-Commerce platform. For one, it has ready to use templates that can be customized to suit your design needs, which means designing a store with this platform is pretty easy. Let’s see some of the in-built features, which make PrestaShop a powerful platform.

Site & Catalog Management

This feature heightens your experience with the administrative interface. You can n number of products, yet you can manage the inventory brilliantly with this feature. You can sign up for one-click updates to manage this inventory on your store. Import/export of the products, bulk discounts, attribute settings etc. can be performed quickly with this feature. Managing the store, and its contents is very easy with PrestaShop.

Customize your Frontend

You can display your store as you want with PrestaShop. The frontend can be customized, and you can offer numerous options for the end user to choose from to view their products. You can even provide multiple views for the same product, thus improving the conversion for your product.

Optimization Features

This platform comes with in-built SEO features, which means you can optimize the store in a way that it meets the search engine indexing requirements perfectly. You will be able to place high performing keywords in the product description such that the products get ranked higher. The different marketing and promotional tools available on this platform, helps your deliver better.

Checkout Options

The checkout process is easy from both designing and actual checkout perspective with PrestaShop. You can actually improve conversions with the checkout feature on PrestaShop. It has an easy to use interface, and design structure.


PrestaShop is a multi-lingual platform that offers you to devise your e-Store in different languages. This means you can reach out to multiple countries, and gain more conversions. You don’t even need to design too many stores; a single store can be translated into different languages on PrestaShop.

Enhanced Security

When your customer comes on your store, security is one of their major concerns. They will be making transactions on the website, which needs to be secure. With PrestaShop you can enhance the security of the e-Store, as it fulfills all the security needs of the merchant from PCI compliant SSL to other transaction related security needs.

In-built Analytics

You get complete understanding of where your e-Store stands in the competition owing to the in-built analytics that is offered with PrestaShop. You can track your sales as well as customer interaction with this feature. You can use the feedback received to improve your store and its functionality.

PrestaShop can help you deliver unique shopping experience with the brilliant interface and well-designed navigation. You can keep track of your store inventory as well as transactions with this platform, and manage the administrative role well. To help deliver the ideal experience on this platform, you need an experienced PrestaShop Development Company. Semaphore Software has both the relevant experience and expertise in Prestashop Development, thus making it the ideal choice for your store development. Get in touch with us with your requirement, and we will help you design the perfect e-Store.

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