Why Website Chat Software Interlinks as a Customer Service Tool

Whether a business operates a brick and mortar or online store, or both, one key thing that is vital to both types of store is Customer Service. Without customers, businesses will not survive in the physical and digital worlds. Excellent Customer Service will bring an increase in loyalty, average expenditure value, repeat business and brand awareness, and hesitant buyers more likely to purchase with your company.

With Customer Service comes a full spectrum of tools and it is up to each business to implement them as strongly as possible, they should support each other and be available for the client to choose their preferred method. The most favoured tools in the spectrum include Website Chat Software, Emails, Social Media and Phone calls.

Graham Charlton at Econsultancy  reported in an article that:

Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.”

Due to its instant nature it’s no surprise that Website Chat Software has the highest satisfaction rate, with visitors able to get one or more questions answered quickly, without having to wait in a queue on the phone or wait a few hours for a reply by email. However Website Chat Software shouldn’t be relied on solely, as there are situations where a chat will need back up from the other tools.

Phone Calls and Website Chat Software

In some circumstances a phone call can be better for longer or more intricate enquiries. If a visitor has contacted a company for the first time and has a lot of questions or specific requirements, the chat is best referred to a phone call, as more information and understanding can be conveyed. If the call is arranged during the chat, there is no frustration from the customer side of waiting in a queue or not being able to get through the right representative.

Email  and Website Chat Software

Email can be just as useful to follow up a chat, should transferring files during chat not be an option. In a lead generation environment where businesses are nurturing leads through the buying process, email allows a stream of communication to flow sending over further information and documents. If Website Chat Software was the only customer service tool a business implemented, then only the visitor could initiated the engagement.  Companies would have to rely on the customer to come back to them to continue the sales cycle, which is just not practical.

Social Media and Website Chat Software

As the digital era continues, one of the new ways customers prefer to contact businesses is via social media. Depending on the business approach to social media responses can be as quick as website chat software, determined by how often their platforms are monitored. Conversation via social media is in the public eye and how an organisation presents their replies can impact their reputation massively. Should the engagement start to go south, an offer to refer the query with a phone call or email response can help to reduce any damage to the brand, alternatively a link to website chat software can be offered.

There are benefits and setbacks to each Customer Service tool, but together they can support each other to cover the drawbacks, each aspect will need to be implemented with the others in mind and how they integrate, companies should research into best practices of Customer Service. This is where the experts come in, businesses can approach companies that specialise in Social Media and website chat software providers to find the perfect balance across the spectrum of Customer Service Tools.

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Gemma Baker is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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