Wpromote’s PPC Management Has Helped Our Business Grow

Wpromote’s PPC management service is spectacular. The program itself is managed by a smart team of friendly employees that actively work to help you, rather than take your money like other services might. The best part about it is that they work with you to develop a campaign that will make potentially ground-breaking sales. The way they do this is by following their self-developed “SCORE” method, which allows them to develop a campaign, optimize your PPC bidding, research what works and then help your PPC campaign target demographics you may never have seen. The part that we really liked was how they set up our initial PPC campaign. We called for a consultation and then hired them for a test run. They showed us their extensive keyword idea list for our market, and then they began the actual campaign. Rather than focusing on just clicks, as companies we’ve had in the past did, they focused on tuning the ROI before increasing the allotted daily amount spent on AdWords. The added in-depth tracking that they provided, coupled alongside the detailed PPC reports, allowed us to have clear and definite proof as to what effect Wpromote’s work was having on our campaigns. From that first set of reports, we then worked with them to successfully expand our PPC campaign, and we’re working on reaching the last few hurdles to get on top of the PPC ladder with Wpromote’s help.

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